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2016 Christmas Wishes

I want to take this opportunity to offer best wishes for the festive season, on behalf of the entire team at Living Turf.

At first thought it feels like 2016 has just rushed by, but on further reflection I realise that we have achieved more than we could have hoped for.  Our highlights include the recruitment of Peter Woods to our Qld sales team, and Henk Smith to lead marketing and technical services.  Operationally, our Precision Turf® product application business has grown dramatically in size and sophistication as has the Turf Forensics® online suite of technical services.  From a product perspective, our MATCHplay® range has undergone a rebranding exercise and now has pipeline of new product initiatives set for release in 2017 and beyond.

The greatest satisfaction in our job however, is seeing the success of our clients.  Across sectors including golf, major stadiums, open space playing fields, contracting, bowls and racing, we are proud to work with a such a fine group of turf professionals. At the end of the day it is our client’s passion, commitment and innovation that inspires our efforts.  With the growing season in full swing, the Aussie festive season is not really a break for our clients, but rather a chance to acknowledge another year past.

So, on that note please accept my congratulations on another year of achievement.

We are open and on deck to support your operations throughout this festive season and into 2017.

Best regards,

Rob Cooper