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Technical & Marketing Director – Dr Henk Smith

We are very pleased to announce that Dr Henk Smith will officially join Living Turf on August 1st, 2016.  This appointment highlights Living Turf’s commitment to building robust and technically competent services with which to support our growing sales force. Founder and managing director, Rob Cooper says “my vision has always been to make Living Turf a hub where the best sales rep’s would want to work.  If we can develop agronomy tools that enable our sales agronomists be more relevant to their clients, then everybody wins”.  “Having Henk to help support our sales force with trusted advice, moves us one step… ...Read More

‘Spray wise’ with Living Turf

As we start to see broadleaf weed outbreaks across greater Sydney and look towards the busy spring season, it is time to start thinking about spray applications and an opportune time to remind you about Living Turf's complete spray application service operating throughout NSW with opportunities to also service the ACT.  Living Turf operates two ‘spray wise’ endorsed, purpose built spray vehicles, fitted with modern technology and equipment. Our vehicles are equipped with GPS spray tracking systems, used to monitor applications and ensure even and effective treatments, operated by our team of 3 dedicated and qualified spray technicians.  From diagnosis to recommendation, supply and apply… ...Read More

Living Turf GCSAQ Achievement Award

The annual Queensland Golf Industry Awards night was held just over a fortnight ago, bringing over 450 guests to Jupiters Hotel and Casino to celebrate notable achievements by the industry and for the sport. The event, a long standing initiative by various golf industry bodies, has been running for over 10 years as an annual celebration of Queensland golf, the people and organisations who have made significant achievements and contributions. The night saw more than 21 awards presented, with Living Turf proudly sponsoring the Superintendent Achievement Award, in collaboration with the Golf Course Superintendents Queensland (GCSAQ).  David Morrison (Living Turf QLD) presented this prestigious award,… ...Read More

LT Queensland launch

Although Living Turf has been servicing the Queensland market for almost 2 years now, we decided it was time to formally introduce ourselves. Gathering the Living Turf team, key suppliers and over a 100 of Queensland' turf professionals, we kicked off a more formal launch with a Sportsturf Seminar held at Eagle Farm Racecourse just over a fortnight ago. With a busy morning schedule of tech talks, a  breezy chat from Darryl Brohman lightened the mood and made for a well balanced program. Rugby League legend and The Foot Show Panelist, Daryl finished off a great morning taking questions from the… ...Read More

A spotlight on: DewCure

DewCure is a unique product designed specifically to control moisture in the turf canopy. DewCure: • Inhibits the accumulation of moisture from dew formation, guttation, frost, etc. •Promotes faster drying of leaf surfaces after rainfall, irrigation or frost. CLICK HERE FOR DEWCURE TECHSHEET.  Leaf wetness is a critical factor in the development of turf diseases such as dollar spot, brown patch and Pythium blight. Additionally, excess moisture in the form of dew or frost can cause delays in play, affect playing conditions and interfere with management practices like aerification, topdressing and mowing. Applied as a foliar spray, DewCure is designed… ...Read More

MATCHplay Superior Liquid Nutrients

Matchplay have released a new range of Superior Liquid Nutrients to promote plant colour,  strength and overall health this summer. These products uniquely contain biologically active ingredients including but not limited to VM3 (organic nutrient complexing technology) and VAM (beneficial root enhancing fungi).  The benefits that flow from regular use of these ingredients include increased health and vigour and the release of bound nutrients in the soil.  Matchplay Superior liquid nutrients enhance the soil biology to result in;    – Increased root mass and root hair activity    – Fast recovery from environmental stresses    – Heightened tolerance to parasitic nematodes,… ...Read More