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About: Peter Kirby

  • First Name : Peter
  • Last Name : Kirby
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  • Biographical Info : Peter has worked within the turf industry in both commercial and technical roles for the past 16 years. During this time Peter has largely concentrated on the technical, product management and business development areas and has been heavily involved in a number of new plant protection products entering the Australian turf market. He is currently employed at Bayer Environmental Science as Market Manager Turf ANZ / EAP. Peter holds formal qualifications in a Master of Agriculture (Turfgrass Management) from the University of Sydney and a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Queensland.

Sunscreen for turf

Stressgard technology is an advanced turf specific formulation, refined over 15 years, that essentially acts like a sunscreen on turf in hot conditions, reducing the impact of harmful ultraviolet radiation and selectively allowing for the transmission of red and blue light wavelengths used by turf plants for photosynthesis. By filtering the sunlight, and allowing only the spectrum of light that the turf requires, radiation and heat stresses on the plant can be significantly minimized. As a result of this reduction in stress, Stressgard formulation technology has been proven by US universities to provide the following plant benefits; Stressgard formulation Technology… ...Read More