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  • Biographical Info : Rob Cooper is Managing Director of Living Turf, a business he started in 2003 with the aim of developing a technically competent and customer focused product distribution service for professional turf managers. With a practical background in sportsfield curation (North Sydney Oval), Rob has achieved tertiary qualification in Agrictulture (M. Ag 'Turf Mgt') and Business Administration (MBA) before starting Living Turf. Having experienced 10 years of international business with The Scotts Company (1994-2003), Rob has established a world wide network of professional contacts which helps to position Living Turf as thought leaders in a market that is so susceptible to challenges of a changing environment.

2016 Christmas Wishes

I want to take this opportunity to offer best wishes for the festive season, on behalf of the entire team at Living Turf. At first thought it feels like 2016 has just rushed by, but on further reflection I realise that we have achieved more than we could have hoped for.  Our highlights include the recruitment of Peter Woods to our Qld sales team, and Henk Smith to lead marketing and technical services.  Operationally, our Precision Turf® product application business has grown dramatically in size and sophistication as has the Turf Forensics® online suite of technical services.  From a product perspective, our… ...Read More

Living Turf Welcomes Cameron Stuart

Living Turf is pleased to announce the appointment of Cameron Stuart to the role of Technical Services Manager. Cameron’s recruitment marks a significant growth ring in the life our business and signifies the value we place on technical leadership and compliance. The key areas of responsibility for Cameron are linked to the management and development of our intellectual property extending to include our online services, smart phone apps and internal product developments.  Rounding all of that off with training, support and consultancy for our sales team and their clients, suggests Cameron has a key role to play in the future growth and sophistication of Living… ...Read More

Manage Poa, with Shortstop

The degree of wintergrass control achieved will be influenced primarily by the rate and frequency at which SHORTstop 200SC is used. Most temperate research shows that a ‘little and often’ application strategy is the most effective means of suppressing wintergrass competition in a bentgrass greens (see your tech rep for more info). The Turf Growth Regulator (TGR) ingredient in SHORTstop is root absorbed and needs to be watered in to take effect. After irrigation, SHORTstop binds to organic carbon and therefore settles at the very top layer of soil, where wintergrass roots congregate due to their shallow habit.  Because bentgrass and other cool season grasses (when healthy) produce… ...Read More

Turf Forensics® release ‘My-Climate version 2.1’

My-Climate® is a cutting edge smart phone app from Turf Forensics®, a web based service by Greenshed Pty Ltd that is distributed in Australia by Living Turf. An early warning system against disease outbreak and weed germination, My-Climate® is the first significant predictive turf management tool of its kind, world-wide. The imminent release of ‘My-Climate version 2.1’ brings a range of new and enhanced features making it more relevant, accurate, versatile and cost effective. Features Benefits Early warning for disease outbreaks My-Climate® helps managers make better treatment decisions, saving money, justifying spray events and streamlining pesticide use. Threshold setting for… ...Read More

Overseeding – 10 point plan

PGG have boldly produced a 10 step PGG program for transitional over-seeding – work within the guidelines (using PGG Wrightson ryegrass) and they stand behind it 100%.  Move outside the guidelines and you are on your own.  This plan is the first scientifically based document that turf managers can use to educate stakeholders on the do’s and don’ts of over-seeding.  It includes reference to rates, establishment period, removal and uniquely, the need for 140 days of ryegrass free growth per annum to restore the warm season under-story. Over-seeding describes the process where ryegrass is planted into warm season turf (eg; couch, kikuyu) in Autumn,… ...Read More

Stress less about disease

In recent times, Bayer have introduced an additive to new fungicide products they call StressGuard™.  With a characteristically green pigment, StressGuard™ is shown in university studies to impart plant health benefits including but not limited to increase in drought tolerance, improved root function/nutrient uptake, increased root mass, increased tiller density, UV protection, increased chlorophyll production in low light conditions and better overall stress resistance in treated plants. The latest product from Bayer to include StressGuard™ is Interface®.  A dependable dual active fungicide, Interface is registered for control and protection against Dollar Spot, Brown Patch, Fusarium , Helminthosporium, Rust and Grey Leaf Spot.  In addition to StressGuard™, Interface® contains a powerful combination of active ingredients (Iprodione… ...Read More