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  • Biographical Info : Rob Cooper is Managing Director of Living Turf, a business he started in 2003 with the aim of developing a technically competent and customer focused product distribution service for professional turf managers. With a practical background in sportsfield curation (North Sydney Oval), Rob has achieved tertiary qualification in Agrictulture (M. Ag 'Turf Mgt') and Business Administration (MBA) before starting Living Turf. Having experienced 10 years of international business with The Scotts Company (1994-2003), Rob has established a world wide network of professional contacts which helps to position Living Turf as thought leaders in a market that is so susceptible to challenges of a changing environment.

Living Turf Update

The vision for Living Turf has always been to build a business infrastructure where the best turf sales agronomists would gravitate to ply their trade. Underpinning that vision has been a decade of developing intellectual property including but not limited to My-Results®, new and useful products, My-Climate® and various technical support resources designed to add value to every sales transaction. The success of this strategy is self-evident with the quality of sales professionals we have on the road representing our business. September 2014 marks one of our most significant recruitment initiatives, with Ashley Neuendorf and Max Whatman joining our Queensland business unit. I am… ...Read More

Targetting Turf Mites

Couch mites have been responsible for significant damage to sportsfields, tees and cricket wickets in recent years.  At the Gold Coast AGCSA conference, Syngenta launched Hygran® (diafentiuron) as a rotational chemistry to be used in conjunction with Abamectin (Active Ingredient – found in Thumper®, Gymnast®). Hygran® represents a significant opportunity for couch turf managers to extend the longevity of mite control and to prevent resistance that is sure to develop due to their short life cycle and multiple generations per season. The strategy recommendation for couch mite is to treat regenerating couch early in the growing season with Abamectin. A fast… ...Read More

Control Poa, with Shortstop 200SC…

The degree of wintergrass control achieved will be influenced primarily by the rate and frequency at which SHORTstop 200SC is used. Most temperate research shows that a ‘little and often’ application strategy is the most effective means of suppressing wintergrass competition in a bentgrass greens (see your tech rep for more info). The Turf Growth Regulator (TGR) ingredient in SHORTstop is root absorbed and needs to be watered in to take effect. After irrigation, SHORTstop binds to organic carbon and therefore settles at the very top layer of soil, where wintergrass roots congregate due to their shallow habit.  Because bentgrass and other cool season grasses (when healthy)… ...Read More

Stop Poa Seed in it’s tracks…

INTERCEPT® 480SL is a powerful means of preventing the population explosion that results from the annual flush of wintergrass (Poa annua) seed.  Wintergrass is a prolific weed of cool season turf, especially bentgrass golf greens. While the vegetative growth stage of wintergrass produces a desirable turf surface, the onset of seed head causes a lank and open habit, the proliferation of seed stalk and an unsightly frosting of viable seed. In December 2013 the APVMA approved a 4 hour re-entry period for INTERCEPT 480SL, the first registration of its’ type for Australian turf.  This is music to the ears of… ...Read More


Living Turf invites you to have a first look at our brand new website.  With our previous site serving our clients since 2003, we have planned long and hard to develop a market leading website and now, you can be the judge of how well we have done……. Features we hope will resonate with clients include a blog page that we plan to populate with articles from industry technical experts.  This will provide us with new and more effective opportunities to communicate with and strengthen our relationship with yourself and your team.  The new site integrates various social media platforms… ...Read More

Why Solu-Cal ?

Soil amendment, including pH and cation exchange, is a principle objective of turf renovation.  With Autumn greens renovation approaching, turf managers are again considering their options for treating this aspect of renovation.  Over the past 18 months we have seen a growing adoption of Solu-Cal products not only at renovation, but during maintenance to proactively maintain balanced soil chemistry. –  Calcium (Ca) is a primary nutrient in maintaining soil pH –  Available Ca increases seedling density after germination –  Improves soil texture and addresses soil compaction –  Improves activity of beneficial bacteria and soil microbes –  Used more by weight… ...Read More