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MatchPlay® Superior Liquid Range for Spring

As spring renovations wraps up and the promise of a long, dry, hot summer looms it might be of some interest to quickly look at the importance of a few nutritional elements critical to a good start to summer. Potassium (K) is certainly one of those and is needed by the plant during spring/summer in near equal amounts to nitrogen (N). Potassium is critical for stomatal closure during hot weather, thereby enabling the plant to self-regulate its cooling through transpiration. Effective transpiration combined with good even soil moisture is the basis for prevention of wilting. Potassium is also the nutrient… ...Read More

Sunscreen for turf

Stressgard technology is an advanced turf specific formulation, refined over 15 years, that essentially acts like a sunscreen on turf in hot conditions, reducing the impact of harmful ultraviolet radiation and selectively allowing for the transmission of red and blue light wavelengths used by turf plants for photosynthesis. By filtering the sunlight, and allowing only the spectrum of light that the turf requires, radiation and heat stresses on the plant can be significantly minimized. As a result of this reduction in stress, Stressgard formulation technology has been proven by US universities to provide the following plant benefits; Stressgard formulation Technology… ...Read More

Argentine Stem Weevil this summer

In 1986 Michael Gibian completed research on Argentine Stem Weevil (ASW) as part of his BScAgr degree.  Since then the ASW life cycle has been observed during insecticide registration work by various people including Jyri Kaapro and Albie Leggett. In summary we can confirm; Over the past 30 years the period over which ASW poses a threat has widened from about 3 months to 6 months as the climate warms. Egg laying, which used to commence in early September, now starts in July with larvae found at Avondale GC on 5 August after a bifenthrin application. Larvae last for an… ...Read More

Targetting Turf Mites

Couch mites have been responsible for significant damage to sportsfields, tees and cricket wickets in recent years.  At the Gold Coast AGCSA conference, Syngenta launched Hygran® (diafentiuron) as a rotational chemistry to be used in conjunction with Abamectin (Active Ingredient – found in Thumper®, Gymnast®). Hygran® represents a significant opportunity for couch turf managers to extend the longevity of mite control and to prevent resistance that is sure to develop due to their short life cycle and multiple generations per season. The strategy recommendation for couch mite is to treat regenerating couch early in the growing season with Abamectin. A fast… ...Read More