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MP Spectrum® and MP Spectrum® Mini (formerly Emerald High N) find an exclusive home with Living Turf®

Living Turf® is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with Australian manufacturer Eco Growth to bring MP Spectrum® and MP Spectrum® Mini to our customers.  Some may have known this excellent product as Emerald High N (which is no longer available). MP Spectrum® and MP Spectrum® Mini are firm favourites across varied turf surfaces including golf course fairways, sports fields, racing tracks as well as golf and bowling greens. The technology is focussed on blended mineral base with carbon coated urea, a full trace element package and Eco Advance® premium biology (containing more than 20 types of plant beneficial microbes,… ...Read More

Living Turf® partners with Rain Bird® to create a winning formula for Australian golf courses

Living Turf proudly announces their appointment as a primary distribution partner for the full range of Rain Bird Golf irrigation products across Australia. Both Living Turf and Rain Bird are long-standing and highly reputable brands within the golf industry and together they recognise that agronomy and irrigation are simply inseparable. Living Turf already distributes a range of industry-recognised brands for professional turf managers including Bayer, Syngenta and MatchPlay®, whilst also providing innovative analysis, turf pathology and online climate analysis systems through My-Results® and My-Climate®. Now, with the inclusion of Rain Bird irrigation products, the partnership with Living Turf creates a… ...Read More

Living Turf® welcomes Shane Carman

Living Turf® welcomes another member to its team of Sales Representatives, Shane Carmen, effective immediately. Shane grew up on a farm on the Adelaide plains which no doubt influenced his choice of career. He joined the turf industry as an irrigation specialist and obtained his plumbers license, before becoming a certified Rain Bird central control installer. Over the past 3 years Shane has serviced the South Australia and Northern Territory markets as a turf product specialist, and simultaneously completed Certificate 3 in Sports Turf Management. Shane’s unique experience and technical skills will be a welcome addition to the highly qualified… ...Read More

Barry Howard Joins Living Turf®

21st January 2019 Prominent Gold Coast sales professional, Barry Howard, will join Living Turf on a full-time basis, beginning February 2019. Having spent the past 21 years establishing and growing his reputation as an exceptional sales professional, Barry will bring his leadership, technical and sales experience to further enhance the Living Turf offer and support to the southeast QLD golf market in particular. Barry has 35 years experience in the turf industry, 14 of which was in various roles in golf. National Sales Manager Ashley Neuendorf says, “We are extremely happy with this appointment. Barry is a true professional –… ...Read More

MatchPlay® Superior Liquid Range – Boosting Cell Strength and Defences

As a cool spring winds down, it is important to start conditioning turf to handle the rigours of summer that are sure to come. Summer stresses will be along and having structurally strong turf with an activated immune system is a cornerstone of allowing turf to adapt prior to the onset of stress. Silicon (Si) and Silica (SiO2) are relatively abundant in soil, but due to their low solubility they are not plant available. Monosilicic acid (MSA) is the highly plant available form that is readily absorbed by roots and foliage – it has may advantages in the plant –… ...Read More

MatchPlay® Superior Liquid Range – Boosting Soil Biology

As spring continues to ramp up and soil temperatures are on a steady climb it is an opportune time to consider boosting the population of beneficial microbes in the soil. Don’t underestimate the benefits that a healthy rhizosphere can mean to supporting a consistent playing surface. The rhizosphere is the “halo” immediately surrounding the roots in the soil and it is here that the highest population of microbes congregate. Building the populations in the soil have benefits around breakdown of organic matter, assistance in nutrient mineralisation and release, competition with pathogens and many more. MP Promote is a concentrated inoculum… ...Read More