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Daryl Sellar Joins Living Turf®

Prominent Adelaide turf identity, Daryl Sellar, will join Living Turf on a full time basis, beginning March 2018.

Having resigned his post as superintendent of Glenelg Golf Club, Adelaide, Daryl is set to join a growing team of industry experts at Living Turf.

Managing director Rob Cooper says, “Daryl is a true professional – his national reputation combined with his Adelaide home base will increase our ability to service new customers both in South Australia and beyond.”

Daryl will be directly supported by our Southern Regional Manager, Scott Fogg, to ensure his is dialled in to the technical and business resources at Living Turf.

Living Turf is a professional product distributor, providing strategic agronomic advice to golf, sports and open space turf managers. Having recruited leading turf minds over our 15 years, the Living Turf team consists of university trained agronomists, trade qualified sales reps and a diligent support team to ensure customers come first.