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packshotMATCHplay is a range of innovative, professional grade Australian designed and made products. They’ve been proven across Australia’s most iconic turf spaces including Commonwealth Golf Club. Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) and Parliament House. Developed in partnership with Living Turf the range is constantly being refined across product and deployment. Because better local thinking goes it, we get better results out.

Product Target Description Techsheet Label SDS
Intercept Plant Protection A contraceptive treatment for the prevention of Poa annua seedhead emergence in golf greens. Download Download Download
MP Brillance Liquid Nutrition 20-0-0 + 6Fe, 1Mg. Specially formulated high analysis stabilised liquid nitrogen fertiliser. Nitrogen as UMAXX for long lasting feeding of turf. 6% iron for deeper green colour and greater turf vitality. 1% magnesium for enhanced chlorophyll production. Download Download Download
MP Endure Liquid Nutrition 40-0-0. A speciality formulated high analysis stabilised Nitrogen fertiliser, with optimised Nitrogen delivery for minimised leaching and loss. Download Download Download
MP Enhance Liquid Nutrition Ideal for treatment of hi bicarbonate water, lowering pH, increasing availability of Ca, Mg and P in turf soils. Download Download Download
MP Enrich Liquid Nutrition 1-0-0+5Fe+3Zn+VM3. MP ENRICH is a specially formulated dexlated chelate liquid iron and zinc fertiliser that is easily absorbed by the leaves to produce a deep colour without causing any burn or damage. The balanced rates of dexlated chelated iron and zinc in MP ENRICH will bring out a natural deep green colour by aiding nitrogen metabolism and chlorophyll synthesis. Download Download Download
MP Equalise Plant Care Soil and irrigation conditioner. Download Download Download
MP Kelplus Plant Care A liquid soil and plant conditioner to enhance turf defense systems and increase soil water retention. Seaweed extract with water holding ability. Download Download Download
MP Nourish Liquid Nutrition A liquid soil and plant conditioner to enhance turf defense systems and increase soil water retention. Seaweed extract with water holding ability. Download Download Download
MP Nutrisorb Plus Liquid Nutrition A chelated liquid calcium for efficient foliar feeding with mobile soil calcium, in combination with a versatile biostimulant. Download Download Download
MP Refresh Liquid Nutrition 10-1-0 + 10 Ca +1.5B +0.3 Si delivers freely available calcium along with protein based organic nitrogen to strengthen turf. Contains humates, plant stimulants, kelp and trace elements. Also contains beneficial biology. Download Download Download
MP Reinforce Liquid Nutrition 0-0-5 + 8 Si + VM3. Biologically enhanced high potassium & silica formula to Strengthen turf canopy against traffic and encourage air flow around turf shoots. Download Download Download
MP Root Assist Liquid Nutrition A highly concentrated formula of Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizas (VAM) for enhanced nutrient update efficiency. Download Download Download
MP Roots Liquid Nutrition 5-5-3 + 0.35Si + VAM. Biologically active liquid fertiliser delivers freely available Phosphorus to stimulate root growth and correct deficiency fast. Formulated with VM3 organics and added VAM. Download Download Download
MP Safe N Liquid Nutrition 28-0-0 + VM3.
MP SAFE N delivers Nitrogen to turf primarily in a protein form that will not cause leaf burn or damage soil microbiology. MP SAFE N contains VM3, a proprietary organic technology that enhances nutrient availability, longevity and compatibility for better turf performance. VM3 is a product of fermentation that incorporates several beneficial bacteria, trace minerals and plant stimulants.
Download Download Download
MP Shield Soil Moisture Liquid wetting agent- A polymeric wetter that helps maintain a uniform wetting front while increasing infiltration and preventing dry patch formation. Download Download Download
MP Strength Liquid Nutrition 12-0-20 + 0.5Fe. Specially formulated stabilised liquid nitrogen + potassium fertiliser. Stabilised nitrogen for long lasting feeding of turf. Potassium to replenish sand profiles or quickly recharge deficient soils. 0.5% iron for deeper green colour and greater turf vitality. Download Download Download
MP Strike Soil Moisture Liquid penetrant – A blend of short and medium chain polymeric wetting agent compounds, with biologically active substances derived from humates. Download Download Download
MP Sustain Soil Moisture Infinitely soluble linear polyacrylamide- Super absorbent liquid drench for enhanced waterholding and slower drying – establishment and maintenance. Download Download Download
MP Tripleplay Soil Moisture Granular penetrant and wetting agent- Convenient granular formulation that combines MP Strike, MP Shield and MP Sustain. Download Download Download
MP Vitalise Plant Care A liquid biostimulant to enhance turf defense systems or as a drench to increase microbial activity and nutrient performance. Chelated liquid with biostimulant. Download Download Download
Renoblen Plant Care 7-1-9 + traces + wetting agent. This is a premium renovation blend for high value turf. Renoblen supplies 100% of N as slow release methylene urea, along with high carbon organics and additional soil wetting agent. Download Download Download
Renoblen Sport Plant Care 10-2-7. This is a renovation blend for high use sportsfields and manicured lawns. Renoblen contains high carbon organics along with controlled release N, 4.8% Ca and trace elements. Download Download Download
Sentinel 2G Plant Protection Convenient granular knockdown insecticide. Unique light stable synthetic pyrethroid chemistry provides excellent safety. Download Download Download
Sentinel SC Plant Protection Unique light stable synthetic pyrethroid chemistry provides excellent safety. Download Download Download
SHORTstop Plant Protection For the suppression of Poa annua (Winter grass) and growth regulation in turf. Download Download Download
Terramaxx Plant Care 8-1-8 + Traces + Crystal Rain. Apply Terramax to the soil surface immediately before laying turf for faster safer turf establishment. Download Download Download