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Product Description Techsheet SDS
Blazon Blue Non Staining Blue spray indicator. Download Download
Carbon Trader A carbon water dispersible granule (WDG). Download Download
DewCure A unique, proprietary product developed specifically to reduce excess leaf moisture caused by dew, guttation, rain, irrigation, and frost. Download Download
Filmstar Filmstar is a stocking-extending agent designed to control the life of pesticides. Download Download
Foam Marker Foam Marker White is a concentrated foam liquid to identify broadacre spray swath width. Download Download
Foursome Turf Pigment Foursome is a green turf pigment. Download Download
Green Lawnger Turf paint and divot mix colourant. Download Download
Maxi Buff A unique multi-function water conditioner and pH indicator formulated with both organic and inorganic acids designed to deal with hard water and buffer the pH of spray solutions in a non-corrosive manner, improving the uptake and translocation of foliar nutrients. Download Download
MP Verdant MP Verdant is a concentrated copper phthalocyanine green turf pigment,
specifically designed to extend and enhance the aesthetic appearance of all turf surfaces.
Download Download
Spreadwet 1000 Premium quality non-ionic surfactant. Download Download
Tru Blue Blue dye that is formulated to readily indicate areas that have been sprayed. Tru blu gives a temporary colouration that fades with rain and sunlight. Download Download
Wetout Next generation non-ionic surfactant that enhances the spray application of various foliar applied products. Download Download