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Plant Health, Root Development and Turf Stress

On a recent trip to Rutgers University in New Jersey, David and I met with Dr. Bingru Yuang, Professor II and Chair in Turfgrass Science at the Department of Plant Biology and Pathology.

She is an expert on plant health and bio-stimulants with particular interest in stress management.  Many companies utilise her research program for independent testing of their products.  She was careful not to give away any secrets, but still shared a lot of good information with us.  Just a good conversation on what works, what doesn’t work and the best uses to benefit plant health.

Here are some of the interesting discussion points in short we thought to share.

Kelp, humates and amino acids to assist with stress management

Shade stress

Bayer’s StressGuard®

Finally, here’s technology for you!Vitalise Packshot CMYK copy