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Biological Controls

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EN’s (Entomopathogenic Nematodes) hit the turf industry by storm a decade ago, then lost traction because of the drought.  With new ownership and a renewed dedication to this totally natural, CSIRO developed technology, they are back.  At Living Turf we recognise the need for EN’s and are proud to represent them in NSW / ACT.

ENsEN’s or Beneficial Nematodes are the only non organophosphate solution for adult larvae, that can be so damaging once populations get a foothold.  EN’s are exempt from registration with the APVMA and control a range of damaging turf feeding larvae including Argentine Scarab, Argentine Stem Weevil, African Black Beetle, Cockchafers and Billbug. They act in a targeted way and will not damage turf, non-target insects or wildlife.  Given the increased risk of resistance to conventional chemistry, EN’s represent an excellent rotational control strategy.

To use EN’s you need to know the following:

1. They are made to order so the most cost effective way (virtually half price) is to order 6 weeks in advance.  The manufacturers do hold emergency stocks but must charge a premium due to shelf life issues.
2. They are sensitive to UV light so they must be sprayed at or after dusk, with immediate irrigation to drive them into the soil where they will seek out target larvae.
3. EN’s will control the most advanced stage of larvae, stopping them feeding almost immediately and causing them to starve to death in circa 3 weeks.
4. Your Living Turf field representative is accredited to advise and implement EN treatments, in close cooperation with the manufacturers.

EN’s are naturally occurring microscopic worms barely visible to the naked eye. They infect and kill specific pests, and are natural predators to many insects. Their use is proven and effective, and there are no withholding periods for staff and the public. They are completely safe for the environment and waterways.

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