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Fairways and Sportsturf

Particle Product N-P-K / Description Techsheet Label SDS
SGN 220 Calciprill 35Ca + 1.4Mg. Conveniently granulated calcium carbonate (lime) for fairways and sportsturf. Download Download Download
SGN 195 Control K 21 -1 -15. 80% controlled release Nitrogen and elevated potassium to match turf growth. Download Download Download
SGN 220 Couchmaster 23-1-10 + 2.5Fe, 2.5Mg, 0.5Mn. With 95% of N supplied as UMAXX, Couchmaster is the ultimate formula for feeding couch, kikuyu and other warm season turfs. Added micro nutrients ensure fast green up and improved plant uptake. Couchmaster is extremely safe to turf and will not burn when used as directed. Download Download Download
SGN 220 Magprill 25Ca + 9Mg. Conveniently granulated calcium and magnesium in an homogeneous standard size granule. Download Download Download
SGN 195 MESA sports 19-0-16 + 3Fe. With 62% of N supplied as MESA slow release nitrogen technology, this product contains high potassium levels and 3% Fe for magic turf colour. MESA Sports is a premium slow release for fairways and sportsturf use. Download Download Download
SGN 220 Nutrite Landscape Special 18 + 4 + 10 Horticultural fertiliser with controlled release NPK Download Download
SGN 195 NX Gold 29 – 0 – 8 + 3 Fe. 38% of N as slow release MESA┬« with potassium and good colour. Download Download Download
SGN 180 Renoblen 16-2-9 16 – 2 – 9 + 7 Ca + Carbon (13%) + 1 Fe + 4 Si + Traces + Beneficial Microbes. 60% of N as stabilised UMAXX┬« with 13% pure carbon and beneficial microbes. The ultimate econimical renovation fertiliser. Download Download Download
SGN 220 Six Iron 20 – 0 – 16 + 6 Fe. Controlled release of Nitrogen from Duration 45. This product has low burn potential, with high iron for lasting colour. Download Download Download
SGN 220 Turfstarter 14-11-10. Made with UFLEXX stabilised nitrogen (25% of N), Turfstarter is perfect for turf establishment and renovation. Download Download Download
SGN 220 UFLEXX 46-0-0. A slightly less soluble stabilised urea, UFLEXX is intended mainly for granular application. With a lower coasting level UFLEXX is the most cost effective slow release urea with a 8-10 week predicted longevity. Download Download Download
SGN 220 UMAXX 47-0-0. This is a highly souble, stabilised urea formula for 10-12 weeks feeding. Can be applied as a liquid or as a granular application with similar effect. Download Download Download
SGN 250 Renoblen Sport 10-2-7. This is a renovation blend for high use sportsfields and manicured lawns. Renoblen contains high carbon organics along with controlled release N, 4.8% Ca and trace elements. Download Download Download