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Growth Regulation

Regulating the growth of turf at various stages can have significant improvements in quality and productivity. Whether you are interested in mowing reduction, seed-head prevention, quality enhancement or turfgrass efficiency and productivity through Growing Degree Days, we have the strategies to help.  Contact your Sales Agronomist or call us on 1300 556 116.

Product Active Ingredient Description Label SDS
Intercept 480SL Ethephon 480g/L A contraceptive treatment for the prevention of Poa annua seedhead emergence in golf greens. Download Download
Marvel Ultra Trinexapac-Ethyl 120g/L Micro-emulsion formulation for the reduction of leaf and stem growth of grass species. Download Download
Primo 250EC Trinexapac-Ethyl 250g/L For the reduction of leaf and stem growth of grass species, as an aid in turf management and as an aid in Winter Grass management. Download Download
Primo Maxx Trinexapac-Ethyl 120g/L For the regulation of leaf and stem growth of grass species and as an aid in turf management. Download Download
SHORTstop 200SC Paclobutrazol 200g/L For the suppression of Poa annua (Winter grass) and growth regulation in turf. Download Download