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Product Active Ingredient Description Label MSDS
ARENA MSMA MSMA 720g/L Controls Crab & Summergrass (Digitaria sanguinalis) in couch turf Download Download
ARSENAL XPRESS 150 g/L Imazapyr
150 g/L Glyphosate
For the control of various annual and perennial weeds in non-crop situations Download Download
BARRICADE Prodyamine 480g/L A long lasting pre-emergent for control of grass and broadleaf weeds including early post-emergent Summergrass control Download Download
BASTA Glusofinate 200g/L Herbicide for total weed control Download Download
BROADSIDE MCPA 280, Bromoxinil 140, Dicamba 40g/L A three way combination provinding wide spectrum of broad leaf weed control. Economical and effective in most situations Download Download
BROMICIDE MA Bromoxynil 200g/L, MCPA 200g/L Post emergent herbicide for control of broad leaf weeds in turf areas Download Download
CASPER 500 g/kg Dicamba 50 g/kg Prosulfuron For post-emergent control of certain broadleaf weeds in established turf Download Download
COLLISEUM Rimsulfuron 250g/kg A sulphonyl urea herbicide with activity against Wintergrass and Ryegrass. Safe to use on Couch. Download Download
DESTINY Iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium 100g/kg A predominantly foliar absorbed herbicide for control of false onion weed, ryegrass, clover and Guilford grass in warm season turf Download Download
DRIVE XL Quinclorac 180g/L Unsurpassed control of summer grass, winter grass and suppression of Kikuyu in turf grasses. A water based formulation for faster more effective weed control and plant uptake. Download Download
EMBARGO Oryzalim 400g/L Pre-emergent herbicide providing control of wintergrass, summergrass, crowsfoot, crabgrass and ryegrass. Download Download
KAMBA M Dicamba 80, MCPA 340g/L An excellent value broad-spectrum selective broadleaf herbicide Download Download
METHAR TRI KOMBI Mecoprop 336g/2,4-D 80g/Dicamba 40g/L Superior 3 way action broadlead weed herbicide. Is a non-ester formulation Download Download
MONUMENT Trifloxysulfuron sodium 750g/kg A new class of herbicide with activity against Wintergrass, Ryegrass, Nutgrass, Clover and Burr Medic. Can be used with safety on Couch, QLD Blue Couch and Zoysia Download Download
NOMINEE 100g/L Bispyribac-Sodium For the control and the suppression of seed heads of Poaannua in Creeping Bentgrass, Tall Fescue and Perennial Ryegrass Download Download
PASSTOX CLEAR DSMA 220g/L For use on Couchgrass for Paspalum, Summergrass, Mullumbimby couch, Crab grass, sedges and Nut grass Download Download
PENNMAG Metolachlor 960 g/L Flexible pre-emergent weed control in turf production and spring transition of sports fields Download Download
POACHEK Endothal 175g/L Full post emergent herbicide for control of winter grass on all couch and buffalo turf areas Download Download
PROPYZAMIDE 500 Propyzamide 500 g/L A highly-effective herbicide with pre and post-emergence activity on Wintergrass in warm-season turf Download Download
RONSTAR G Oxadiazon 20g/kg Ronstar granules for control of Summergrass, Crowsfoot and Wintergrass at turf establishment Download Download
ROUNDUP BIACTIVE Glyphosate 360g/L The original glyphosate for total weed control and aquatic use Download Download
SEMPRA Halosulfuron-methyl 750g/kg SEMPRA is good for control of Nutgrass and Mullimbimby couch in turf. SEMPRA is highly concentrated, an easy-to-use granular herbicide Download Download
SILVERADO Carfentrazone ethyl 60g/L, MCPA 365g/L A combination of carfentrazone and MCPA provides control of various broadleaf weeds and moss in golf and bowling greens and general turf areas. For turf badly affected with moss the short soil residual of Silverado allows reseeding to occur soon after application. Download Download
SPEARHEAD CLOPYRALID 20g/L DIFLUFENICAN 15g/L MCPA 300g/L Selective herbicide that provides outstanding control of broadlead weeds in turf Download Download
TRIBUTE 22.5 g/L Foramsulfuron For post-emergent control of certain grass weeds in turf Download Download
TURF CONTROL Clopyralid 20/Diflufenican 15/MCPA 300g/L A high performance broadleaf herbicide that is safe to use on a wide range of turf including Buffalo grass Download Download