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Turf seed

Turf ryegrass is used by sports turf managers to increase the carrying capacity of playing field surfaces by improving winter colour and durability. Living Turf is closely involved with breeders, licensees and farmers to get the freshest and best turf seed direct from the farm gate. Because ryegrass is a seasonal crop, our understanding of clients’ needs and challenges means we land our seed just in time to ensure excellent germination and seedling vigour. To get the most from your seedling investment, combine fresh seed with a solid plan for proper establishment. 

Use the following table to select the turf seed that meets your needs or contact us on 1300 556 116 for an expert opinion.

Product name Type Description Techsheet
All*Star 3 Turf ryegrass All*Star 3 is a dwarf variety bred specifically for excellent
disease resistance. With finer blades for improved density and
a very attractive dark green colour.
Arena Turf ryegrass Perennial ryegrass is an all-purpose, highly winter active, “Mediterranean -type” turf grass that is ideally suited to winter sports fields, or areas subject to high wear. Download
Arena 2 Turf ryegrass Arena II is a medium-fine, mid-dark green turf perennial ryegrass with good summer growth characteristics for a mid-dark type. Download
Caravelle Turf ryegrass A truly transitional ryegrass with zero endophyte levels for reduced competition with warm season turf grasses. Download
Colosseum Turf ryegrass Colosseum is a medium-fine, mid-green, perennial ryegrass that is a cross between Mediterranean and American genetics, giving the turf active winter growth in cool weather as well as delayed onset of browning in summer. Download
Duo Blend Turf ryegrass Duo Blend is designed to provide characteristic diversity across heat, cold, humidity and wear. Duo is an exceptional overseeding option with early season resistance to disease, heat and humidity from All Star 3, partnered with Reliant II for winter vigour and wear recovery. Download
Egmont Browntop Colonial Bent Egmont is a medium green colour, fine leaved browntop suitable for high quality, closely mown golf greens Download
Fiesta4 Turf Ryegrass Fiesta 4 displays a dark green colour along with a fine leaf texture.
It forms a medium to dense sward which has a very good tolerance
to summer stress
Mackenzie Bentgrass Creeping Bentgrass Superior quality bentgrass with the density required for low heights of cut. Download
Patch Up Turf Ryegrass Patch Up is a revolutionary product designed to repair Bare Patches in Turf Download
Penn A1 Creeping Bentgrass Penn A-1 creeping bentgrass displays a dark green colour along with a fine leaf texture and outstanding heat and cold tolerance. It is suited to golf course putting greens as it forms a smooth grainless surface. Download
Penn A4 Creeping Bentgrass Penn A-4 creeping bentgrass displays a dark green colour along with a fine leaf texture and outstanding heat and cold tolerance. It is suited to golf course putting greens as it forms a smooth grainless surface. Download
Penncross Creeping Bentgrass Penncross is an aggressive growing bentgrass with wide adaptability, but it is relatively coarse compared to more modern cultivars for closely mowed greens. Best suited for use on golf courses (fairways, tees and greens) and winter overseeding of bermudagrass greens. Download
Predator Fescue Predator hard fescue forms an excellent quality dark, dense and fine turf that is difficult to tell from chewings fescue. It is a slow growing species that is tolerant of low fertility and drought in suitable soils. Download
Princess 77 Couch An elite bermudagrass variety. A dense, fine textured hybrid bermudagrass variety to be available in seeded form. Download
Sahara Couch Compared to common bermudagrass, Sahara is more uniform, has increased density and improved summer green colour. It is recommended for use on golf courses (fairways & roughs), home lawns, sports fields, parks, playgrounds and for erosion control. Download
Soprano Turf ryegrass Soprano is an attractive, very dark green, perennial ryegrass that germinates rapidly for a dark cultivar. Soprano forms a very fine dense turf coverage suitable for sporting fields and golf fairways. Download
Spartacus Turf ryegrass Spartacus is the latest perennial ryegrass from PGG Wrighton Turf. It is a medium dark green, dense cultivar with exceptional fineness. Download
Sports Blend Turf ryegrass A mixture of perennial ryegrasses suitable for oversowing playing fields.
Stadium Blend Turf ryegrass Unique blend of Mediterranean and Continental genetics to ensure fast germination, high wear tolerance and mid-dark green colour. Suits all high quality sports fields. Download
Transcontinental Couch Transcontinental is a medium quality seeded bermudagrass that establishes rapidly and grows vigorously giving good wear resistance and recovery. It can be used in a wide variety of situations including sports fields, parks, schools, home, commercial turf, roadsides and erosion control. Download
Verve Turf ryegrass Verve Turf Ryegrass was bred in NZ specifically for use in winter sports fields. With rapid germination and establishment
coupled with very good wear tolerance, Verve is a natural choice in high use situations.
Zenith Zoysia Grass Zenith® zoysia grass is a three clone synthetic variety of zoysia grass and has a dark green colour and medium leaf texture.Zenith® is one of the more shade tolerant of the warm season grasses. Download