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Water Solubles

Technology Product N-P-K / Desrciption Tech Sheet Label SDS
UMAXX Bentgrass Hi K 20 – 2- 25 + FE. 70% of Nitrogen as UMAXX stabilised nitrogen for efficient delivery to turf. Combination of nitrogen sources with low phosphorus, soluble potassium and iron. Download Download Download
UMAXX Bentgrass Hi N 28-2-15 + traces. Highly soluble formula with 70% of N as UMAXX + a full trace package. Excellent for foliar feeding at low rates due to highly efficient uptake. Download Download Download
UMAXX Fairway 30-1-8 +1Fe, 1Mg, 0.25Mn. Highly soluble formula with 60% of N as UMAXX. Added micronutrients ensure immediate and upfornt colour response at low application rates. Download Download Download
UMAXX UMAXX 47-0-0. This is a highly souble, stabilised urea formula for 10-12 weeks feeding. Can be applied as a liquid or as a granular application with similar effect. Download Download Download