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‘Spray wise’ with Living Turf

As we start to see broadleaf weed outbreaks across greater Sydney and look towards the busy spring season, it is time to start thinking about spray applications and an opportune time to remind you about Living Turf’s complete spray application service operating throughout NSW with opportunities to also service the ACT.  Living Turf operates two ‘spray wise’ endorsed, purpose built spray vehicles, fitted with modern technology and equipment. Our vehicles are equipped with GPS spray tracking systems, used to monitor applications and ensure even and effective treatments, operated by our team of 3 dedicated and qualified spray technicians. 

spray cart 2From diagnosis to recommendation, supply and apply of product solutions, Living Turf is committed to helping you develop year round results. Our vehicles are equipped to apply a range of chemical, biological, organic and fertiliser treatments for your convenience.  Living Turf provides customers with a convenient, safe and cost effective spray service. Our technicians are experienced in conducting works in public spaces, such as public parks, removing responsibility and liability from your staff while committed to upholding high environmental standards.

 For more details on our dedicated spray service or to secure a booking please contact Ryan Feeney on or call 0407 300 700.

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