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Weed Control

CrowsfootEffective weed control uses an understanding of weed life cycle with sensible turf culture and targeted chemical control.  Selective control with minimum risk to turf, people and the environment is best practise weed control.
Turf Managers need good information to underpin weed control strategies.  
Often there is more than one way to treat turf weeds.  Living Turf uses experience, as well as relationships with manufacturers and teaching institutions, to provide quality recommendations for targeted treatment of turf weeds.
did you know
Pre-emergent weed control is often the only way to manage problematic weeds.  For instance, effective treatment of summergrass infestation in kikuyu is almost impossible once the weeds are established.  However, targeted use of pre-emergent products before weed germination can protect against infestation for an entire season.

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