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MP Spectrum® and MP Spectrum® Mini (formerly Emerald High N) find an exclusive home with Living Turf®

Living Turf® is proud to announce an exclusive partnership
with Australian manufacturer Eco Growth to bring MP Spectrum® and MP Spectrum®
Mini to our customers.  Some may have
known this excellent product as Emerald High N (which is no longer available).

MP Spectrum® and MP Spectrum® Mini are firm favourites across varied turf surfaces including golf course fairways, sports fields, racing tracks as well as golf and bowling greens.

The technology is focussed on blended mineral base with carbon coated urea, a full trace element package and Eco Advance® premium biology (containing more than 20 types of plant beneficial microbes, including various strains of Bacillus, Trichoderma, Rhizobium and mycorrhiza (VAM)).  

MP Spectrum® 300 SGN (20-2-5 + Eco Advance®)

MP Spectrum® Mini 150 SGN (20-2-5 + Eco Advance®)

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