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New products from Bayer now available

Bayer recently delivered detailed training for the Living Turf sales team, to coincide with the launch of 2 new products, Interface® and Chipco GT®, which are both in stock now and ready for sale. Having rationalised their Iprodione range Bayer will now only carry the new Chipco GT®, a 240g/L formulation that they claim to be the most efficacious formulation they have world-wide.  From our perspective the rate range of 10-20L/ha cuts through the confusion often experienced with different Iprodione formulations.  This is the first of Bayer turf products to be sold under agency at $170 / 5L. Interface® is a physical mix of Iprodione with Trifloystrobin and contains… ...Read More

Control Poa, with Shortstop 200SC…

The degree of wintergrass control achieved will be influenced primarily by the rate and frequency at which SHORTstop 200SC is used. Most temperate research shows that a ‘little and often’ application strategy is the most effective means of suppressing wintergrass competition in a bentgrass greens (see your tech rep for more info). The Turf Growth Regulator (TGR) ingredient in SHORTstop is root absorbed and needs to be watered in to take effect. After irrigation, SHORTstop binds to organic carbon and therefore settles at the very top layer of soil, where wintergrass roots congregate due to their shallow habit.  Because bentgrass and other cool season grasses (when healthy)… ...Read More

Stop Poa Seed in it’s tracks…

INTERCEPT® 480SL is a powerful means of preventing the population explosion that results from the annual flush of wintergrass (Poa annua) seed.  Wintergrass is a prolific weed of cool season turf, especially bentgrass golf greens. While the vegetative growth stage of wintergrass produces a desirable turf surface, the onset of seed head causes a lank and open habit, the proliferation of seed stalk and an unsightly frosting of viable seed. In December 2013 the APVMA approved a 4 hour re-entry period for INTERCEPT 480SL, the first registration of its’ type for Australian turf.  This is music to the ears of… ...Read More