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Turf Forensics launches

Gone are the days of costly, reactive, trial and error disease management, Living turf is proud to bring you the next generation of early prevention tools for Turf professionals – Turf Forensics®.  Developed in Australia by a team of scientists, agronomists, computer programmers, weather specialists and respected Australian turf minds, Turf Forensics® is the complete turf risk management system. Recently showcased at the National AGCSA conference on the Gold Coast, Turf Forensics® was greeted with overwhelming curiosity and interest from trade show delegates.   While agency opportunities are still available for Turf Forensics, the service is offered exclusively in NSW, ACT and QLD by Living Turf.  So contact one of… ...Read More

Living Turf Update

The vision for Living Turf has always been to build a business infrastructure where the best turf sales agronomists would gravitate to ply their trade. Underpinning that vision has been a decade of developing intellectual property including but not limited to My-Results®, new and useful products, My-Climate® and various technical support resources designed to add value to every sales transaction. The success of this strategy is self-evident with the quality of sales professionals we have on the road representing our business. September 2014 marks one of our most significant recruitment initiatives, with Ashley Neuendorf and Max Whatman joining our Queensland business unit. I am… ...Read More

US PGA Championship 2014

Recently I was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity of volunteering as part of the maintenance team for the last major of the year which was staged at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky on the 7 -10th of August.  Let me start by saying WOW, this was a very special place and the best golf course I’ve ever seen bar none. For those who know me I’ve played a few! I was offered the opportunity by Superintendent, Roger Meier, whom I’d met at the GCSAA conference in San Diego in early 2013. There were 100 staff on hand… ...Read More

Argentine Stem Weevil this summer

In 1986 Michael Gibian completed research on Argentine Stem Weevil (ASW) as part of his BScAgr degree.  Since then the ASW life cycle has been observed during insecticide registration work by various people including Jyri Kaapro and Albie Leggett. In summary we can confirm; Over the past 30 years the period over which ASW poses a threat has widened from about 3 months to 6 months as the climate warms. Egg laying, which used to commence in early September, now starts in July with larvae found at Avondale GC on 5 August after a bifenthrin application. Larvae last for an… ...Read More

Targetting Turf Mites

Couch mites have been responsible for significant damage to sportsfields, tees and cricket wickets in recent years.  At the Gold Coast AGCSA conference, Syngenta launched Hygran® (diafentiuron) as a rotational chemistry to be used in conjunction with Abamectin (Active Ingredient – found in Thumper®, Gymnast®). Hygran® represents a significant opportunity for couch turf managers to extend the longevity of mite control and to prevent resistance that is sure to develop due to their short life cycle and multiple generations per season. The strategy recommendation for couch mite is to treat regenerating couch early in the growing season with Abamectin. A fast… ...Read More