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Overseeding: Winter growth, colour or both?

Many Turf Managers assume that turf-type perennial ryegrasses are all much the same, but the species Lolium perenne covers a wide range of genetic variation. One form of this variation concerns winter growth rate. Genetic types that originate from northern Europe (known as Continental types) shut down growth over winter in order to survive snow and ice. Almost all turf-type ryegrasses bred in the US are from Continental genetics, to suit their climate (even fairly warm climates like Virginia can experience polar vortexes, bringing snow and extreme cold). But genetic types that originate from southern Europe, known as Mediterranean types,… ...Read More

MATCHplay Superior Liquid Nutrients

Matchplay have released a new range of Superior Liquid Nutrients to promote plant colour, strength and overall health this summer. These products uniquely contain biologically active ingredients including but not limited to VM3 (organic nutrient complexing technology) and VAM (beneficial root enhancing fungi).  The benefits that flow from regular use of these ingredients include increased health and vigour and the release of bound nutrients in the soil.  Matchplay Superior liquid nutrients enhance the soil biology to result in;    – Increased root mass and root hair activity    – Fast recovery from environmental stresses    – Heightened tolerance to parasitic nematodes,… ...Read More

NSWGCSA awards management of low quality water

The NSWGCSA annual awards in turf management were announced at the AGM at Pennant Hills Golf Club recently on 18th of November.  Congratulations to Martyn Black on receiving the 2014 NSW Excellence in Turf Management award, former recipients of this award include Norm Foord, Michael Bradbery and Mark Parker. This award recognises Superintendents who have consistently produced high quality surfaces over an extended time and contributed in a broader sense to the betterment of the turf industry. Congratulations also goes to Mark Crittenden from Cumberland Golf Club who was the recipient of the 2014 Outstanding Achievement Award, with Brad Huender from Gerringong Golf Course having received… ...Read More

Water use efficiency

Whilst we are proud of the Matchplay® soil moisture range, we believe TriCure® will quickly develop a following as the premium active ingredient in the Australian market.  The most striking feature of Tricure® is its ability to treat organic matter in turf soil.  While many products adequately treat the mineral components of soil, it is activity on the organic fractions combined with turf safety that separates the high performing products. In the past, products like Oars® have claimed to treat hydrophobicity by stripping organic residues from the mineral soil surface.  The fact is that this organic build up in soil is a natural and healthy feature… ...Read More