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Overseeding – 10 point plan

PGG have boldly produced a 10 step PGG program for transitional over-seeding – work within the guidelines (using PGG Wrightson ryegrass) and they stand behind it 100%.  Move outside the guidelines and you are on your own.  This plan is the first scientifically based document that turf managers can use to educate stakeholders on the do’s and don’ts of over-seeding.  It includes reference to rates, establishment period, removal and uniquely, the need for 140 days of ryegrass free growth per annum to restore the warm season under-story. Over-seeding describes the process where ryegrass is planted into warm season turf (eg; couch, kikuyu) in Autumn,… ...Read More

LT Queensland launch

Although Living Turf has been servicing the Queensland market for almost 2 years now, we decided it was time to formally introduce ourselves. Gathering the Living Turf team, key suppliers and over a 100 of Queensland' turf professionals, we kicked off a more formal launch with a Sportsturf Seminar held at Eagle Farm Racecourse just over a fortnight ago. With a busy morning schedule of tech talks, a  breezy chat from Darryl Brohman lightened the mood and made for a well balanced program. Rugby League legend and The Foot Show Panelist, Daryl finished off a great morning taking questions from the… ...Read More

A spotlight on: DewCure

DewCure is a unique product designed specifically to control moisture in the turf canopy. DewCure: • Inhibits the accumulation of moisture from dew formation, guttation, frost, etc. •Promotes faster drying of leaf surfaces after rainfall, irrigation or frost. CLICK HERE FOR DEWCURE TECHSHEET.  Leaf wetness is a critical factor in the development of turf diseases such as dollar spot, brown patch and Pythium blight. Additionally, excess moisture in the form of dew or frost can cause delays in play, affect playing conditions and interfere with management practices like aerification, topdressing and mowing. Applied as a foliar spray, DewCure is designed… ...Read More

TriCure – proven University trials

TriCure AD‘s performance benefits makes it much more than just an excellent soil surfactant. Unique to the bulk of wetting agent products sold in Australia, TriCure AD has been subjected to multiple independent University trial assessments.  While many products available to turf managers do a good job as a wetting agent, TriCure AD has been shown to significantly enhance bentgrass root growth and is the leading product achieving Fairy Ring control with fungicides. Target Fairy Ring control Living Turf currently only have Monstar fungicide with a permit for use for Fairy Ring control where to achieve an acceptable level of control… ...Read More

Terreplex unlocks bound nutrients

Terreplex® is a unique organic acid, derived from lignin with a pH of 2.5 but completely non corrosive and will not burn. Terreplex performs 2 key functions to benefit turf health: 1. Terreplex® dissolves bicarbonates, frees up calcium, magnesium and potassium, and aids removal of unwanted sodium. Therefore an application of Terreplex® before renovation releases nutrients bound up over summer and ensures the turf has fully available access to these key nutrients. Terreplex® provides the opportunity for free calcium to then move onto exchange sites and help with long term soil structure and air flow. 2. Terreplex®, due to its unique organic base, actually… ...Read More