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Manage Poa, with Shortstop

The degree of wintergrass control achieved will be influenced primarily by the rate and frequency at which SHORTstop 200SC is used. Most temperate research shows that a ‘little and often’ application strategy is the most effective means of suppressing wintergrass competition in a bentgrass greens (see your tech rep for more info). The Turf Growth Regulator (TGR) ingredient in SHORTstop is root absorbed and needs to be watered in to take effect. After irrigation, SHORTstop binds to organic carbon and therefore settles at the very top layer of soil, where wintergrass roots congregate due to their shallow habit.  Because bentgrass and other cool season grasses (when healthy) produce… ...Read More

Poa annua – kill or manage?

Turf managers have long been faced with this dilemma, do I try to eliminate wintergrass (Poa annua) from my golf greens and surrounds, or do I accept it and do my best to produce great playing surfaces in spite of it.  At the end of the day it is seed head emergence coupled with the lank growth of the wintergrass reproductive phase, that cause the majority of disruption to putting surface quality. INTERCEPT® 480SL is a powerful means of preventing both of the above mentioned problems.  When applied as directed INTERCEPT will prevent the population explosion that results from the annual flush of wintergrass seed.  By keeping… ...Read More