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Construction and Establishment

Specifications are essential to safeguard clients when significant turf works are being undertaken, as contractors need in an in-depth plan to work with. Clients need to be certain they will get what they pay for.


Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 3.13.02 pmMany clients use engineers as consultants for turf construction works and construction. While engineering advice is often required, so is the advice of irrigation designers, soil lab technicians, draftpersons, earthworks specialist and various material suppliers. 

Living Turf offers consultancy services, providing specialist advice on all areas of turf construction gained from many years experience in the field. Our consultants are highly educated and qualified with a wealth of knowledge. It’s only a small investment for the reassurance and guidance of having one us on your construction team – not mention a good way to ensure you receive value for money and avoid the possibility of disputes. 

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Conducting a survey plan prior to construction plots existing surface levels, enabling a drafting engineer to develop final surface levels and facilitate a cut and fill calculation for accurate material estimations. When this information accompanies a specification document, there can be no dispute about what is required from a works contractor.

Save money, time and stress – use a Living Turf consultant