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A minute on your turf – Living Turf and Rain Bird partnership flourishes

This edition of ‘A MINUTE ON YOUR TURF’ looks at the progress made on Living Turf’s distribution partnership with Rain Bird and the delivery of water-efficient irrigation solutions.

With water restrictions and lower rainfall affecting many Australian golf courses, the formation of this partnership is a timely one. As Rain Bird’s exclusive distributor to the golf industry, Living Turf’s 25-strong turf ecology experts are now servicing golf courses around Australia for their agronomy, as well as their irrigation needs.

“It makes sense to discuss agronomy and irrigation together”, says Living Turf managing director Rob Cooper. “The golfing industry is under pressure to find more intelligent ways to use water, and Rain Bird are at the forefront of innovation in irrigation technology.”

Rain Bird’s IC technology allows smarter water use by communicating to every individual rotor on the course and one-of-a-kind course management through IC CONNECT™, all controlled from the palm of your hand, anywhere.

Killara Golf Course superintendent, Ryan Fury, installed the Rain Bird IC Sytem™ across the 18-hole golf course four years ago and says it’s changed the way the team works. His team has a computer in the workshop to control the irrigation system, but also use the MI app on their mobile phone to turn the system on or off, as needed, while they are on the course.

“What’s really impressed me about the Rain Bird IC System, is that it was so easy to install and it’s so easy to use,” Ryan says. “The main benefit of the system is the feedback – you can easily test every sprinkler on the whole golf course in less than a minute.”

“There are now smarter and more efficient technology available for golf courses to take advantage of when using Rain Bird products,” Ryan says.

Living Turf’s National Irrigation Manager, Mac Ross, says the IC System is unique and it’s the only one of its kind. The system operates in real-time, its expandable, extremely reliable and proven. “Golf course superintendents can use the system from their mobile phone or tablet, anywhere”. Operating in real-time, if it rains, the system will automatically pause irrigation and then resume with recalculated run times when the rain stops. If it’s too windy the system can pause and if there’s a mainline or pump failure, then the system can send an alarm.”

Mac has been busy, working to establish accounts with channel partners who have traditionally sold Rain Bird Products.  Living Turf’s message to those partners, is together we can all win.  With Living Turf advocating for Rain Bird with end users, we will provide a reliable conduit for Superintendents for service and advice.  Our intention is to work closely with our channel partners to allow golf courses to receive reliable product supply and exceptional project delivery.

The final point to make regarding Living Turf’s appointment as lead distributor for Rain Bird Golf products, is that this model is not unique to the Australian market. In many other major markets around the world, such as the USA, NZ, UK and Asia, Rain Bird uses a distributor model to service the local golf industry.  With this distribution model already tested, Living Turf is learning from the experience of our international counterparts to make sure this partnership works, for Living Turf, for Rain Bird, and most of all for Australian golf course managers