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A MINUTE ON YOUR TURF – Stay connected & in control of your Turf…. this one is on us!

In recognition and as a gesture of thanks for the amazing work turf managers do around the country, Living Turf and TurfKeeper are now offering COMPLIMENTARY access to the ’Electronic Whiteboard’ – a web based module from the TurfKeeper platform that allows jobs to be created, assigned to team members, described in detail, feedback from staff & signed off after completion.  

This offer will be available for the duration of the workplace restrictions imposed by COVID19. We hope that this service can assist you & your staff/volunteers during these extraordinary times.  

“Recent conversations with clients have made us realise the difficulty many of our customers are facing surrounding staff & facility management during these times of social distancing, split shifts, & working remotely. Access to whiteboards & diaries is increasingly complex, & communication can be compromised” says Daryl Sellar (SA Sales Agronomist – Living Turf). 

To register your interest, please contact your Living Turf team representative. We will then set up a temporary account, provide you with log-in details for your own whiteboard, enter your staff details, & away you go 😊 

About TurfKeeper  

TurfKeeper is a web-based portal that provides turf industry professionals a fully integrated operations & management solution. Designed by turf professionals, TurfKeeper allows turf managers to bring staff organisation & record keeping into one location where it is saved & accessible forever, providing complete control over & insight into staff management, task planning, machinery management, inventory control, chemical applications planning & recording, & budgeting & expense management. Detailed reporting is at your fingertips; no more trawling through diaries or spreadsheets, no more wiping off valuable data from the whiteboard every day!  

Living Turf is proud to bring TurfKeeper to the Australian turf industry as we recognise the increasing complexity and scrutiny of turf management and the need for industry professionals to have resources that enable them to lead their organisations and teams now and into the future. Better information leads to better decisions, and better outcomes.