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  • Biographical Info : David is a senior sales Agronomist with Living Turf and widely recognised as one of the most respected turf professionals in Australia. With a Bachelor of Science from Sydney University and over 30 years at the cutting edge of product and technology developments, David plays a leadership role for his colleagues at Living Turf and is a trusted adviser for a large and impressive client portfolio. David started his turf career at The Australian Turfgrass Research Institute (ATRI) embarking on a commercial career that has seen him build and sell his owns business (Turforce) and serve in senior management roles before moving back into a field agronomy role with Living Turf.

Great success this season with EN’s for Argentine Stem Weevil control

The team at Living Turf has supported the use of EN’s (Entomopathogenic Nematodes) over the past 2 seasons and our customers are once again seeing excellent results using this strategy. See what they are saying…… “I was a little hesitant at the start to incorporate EN’s into my programme at Pambula-Merimbula Golf Club to target Argentine Stem Weevils. PMGC has had control issues with ASW for many years, even with an extended insecticide programme. Now our EN programme is in place I feel like we can push our greens to produce better surfaces and promote the bent grass population without… ...Read More

Sports Fields and Player Safety

Player safety is a major concern on sports fields in Australia and around the world and it doesn’t matter if it’s a Quarterback on a $15million contract, NRL star, a local club cricketer or your own child playing in the under 11’s team.  There is a baseline expectation that the playing fields surface will not be the cause of any injury.  Increasingly the issue of player safety is a major pressures on managers of sports facilities. Cameron and I met with some of the world’s leading researchers in sports turf and turfgrass maintenance.  It was consensus that the two major factors influencing the safety of surfaces… ...Read More

Poa annua – kill or manage?

Turf managers have long been faced with this dilemma, do I try to eliminate wintergrass (Poa annua) from my golf greens and surrounds, or do I accept it and do my best to produce great playing surfaces in spite of it.  At the end of the day it is seed head emergence coupled with the lank growth of the wintergrass reproductive phase, that cause the majority of disruption to putting surface quality. INTERCEPT® 480SL is a powerful means of preventing both of the above mentioned problems.  When applied as directed INTERCEPT will prevent the population explosion that results from the annual flush of wintergrass seed.  By keeping… ...Read More

TriCure – proven University trials

TriCure AD‘s performance benefits makes it much more than just an excellent soil surfactant. Unique to the bulk of wetting agent products sold in Australia, TriCure AD has been subjected to multiple independent University trial assessments.  While many products available to turf managers do a good job as a wetting agent, TriCure AD has been shown to significantly enhance bentgrass root growth and is the leading product achieving Fairy Ring control with fungicides. Target Fairy Ring control Living Turf currently only have Monstar fungicide with a permit for use for Fairy Ring control where to achieve an acceptable level of control… ...Read More