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About: Gary Leeson

  • First Name : Gary
  • Last Name : Leeson
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  • Biographical Info : Gary Leeson is from a farming background in Northern NSW and is a B. Hort. Sci. Gary joined Chemturf in 1993 as Sales Manager for Chemturf Pty Ltd Asia based in Kuala Lumpur where he spent 2 years developing his knowledge of turf pests and diseases. When Chemturf was sold to NuFarm Gary took up a role with Organic Crop Protectants as a Territory Manager for Qld/Nth NSW where he continued to develop his turf knowledge. In 1997 he moved to Adelaide where he spent 18 mths supporting Cooper Turf Supplies in that state before taking up a position back in Sydney as General Manager of OCP. Gary has grown the business from a handful of products to a highly diversified organisation with a product range spanning all market sectors in horticulture with a focus on Integrated Pest & Disease Management. Gary maintains his interest in turf through his alliance with Living Turf and a great deal of his time is spent innovating in this area. Gary is currently Chairperson: Bio-inputs Advisory Committee, Australian Organic Ltd and soon to be appointed on the Board of the National Organic Standards.

OCP Biologicals fuses local knowhow with German technology

Soil without microbes is like a motor without fuel, it just won’t go. And just like a motor the sort of fuel you put into your soil can have a huge effect on the performance of your turf. Adding nutrient is only one part of the fuel mix, you need good biology as a catalyst to make things happen. Good soil biology is created naturally simply by leaving the soil alone and letting nature do its thing. However intensive turf management does not lend itself to letting nature run wild. The cultural practices of renovation, using high analysis fertilisers, fumigants… ...Read More