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About: Phil Ford

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  • Last Name : Ford
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  • Biographical Info : Dr. Phillip Ford has been involved in turf for over thirty years, as an educator and researcher. In 2011 he was awarded the AGCSA Distinguished Service Award for service to the Australian turf industry. He has a degree in Ag Science (Melb Uni), a Masters in Turf Management (Sydney Uni) and recently completed his PhD researching the influence of soil and grass types on injury risk in football. He now works as research agronomist for PGG Wrightson Turf at their field station in Victoria.

Overseeding: Winter growth, colour or both?

Many Turf Managers assume that turf-type perennial ryegrasses are all much the same, but the species Lolium perenne covers a wide range of genetic variation. One form of this variation concerns winter growth rate. Genetic types that originate from northern Europe (known as Continental types) shut down growth over winter in order to survive snow and ice. Almost all turf-type ryegrasses bred in the US are from Continental genetics, to suit their climate (even fairly warm climates like Virginia can experience polar vortexes, bringing snow and extreme cold). But genetic types that originate from southern Europe, known as Mediterranean types,… ...Read More