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Streamline your Compliance when Spraying & Spreading

Living Turf is proud to present My-Apply®, the latest digital tool for turf managers from Turf Forensics®.  My-Apply® is cloud-based platform, that helps to plan, allocate, execute, and securely store all your spray / spread records, conveniently inside your personal My-Results® account.  At Living Turf, we’re always seeking ways for our clients to simplify, or improve their turf operations.  Our own experience with Precision Turf® (a professional spraying & spreading service for Sportsfields & Urban Green Space), has led to the development of My-Apply®.  Like our clients, we understand how time-consuming and cumbersome it can be to keep accurate, compliant… ...Read More

MatchPlay® Superior Liquids Range

MatchPlay® is a truly home grown Aussie local. MatchPlay® employs extensive local expertise to develop products that match the needs of Australian turf managers. We are proud of the fact that MatchPlay® products are expertly formulated and quality controlled to provide reliable performance, every time. None speak more to these qualities than the MatchPlay® Superior Liquids Range. This innovative range of organic biologically enhanced liquid products are all locally developed and formulated. They contain soil stable nutrients and nitrogen in a protein form that will not burn turf and is proven to be less susceptible to leaching. Nutrients, stimulants and… ...Read More

MATCHplay® Superior Liquid Range Boosted

Living Turf's® liquid nutritional range has recently being strengthened by 3 new additions under the MATCHplay® brand. MP REINFORCE® has been reformulated to now contain monosilicic acid or MSA – the most plant available form of Silica (Si) – to aid with cell wall strength, wear tolerance and improvements in essential nutrient uptake. Two other new products to join the ranks are MP ENRICH and MP SAFE N. MP ENRICH contains highly available dexlated chelates of iron and zinc that results in great colour and low burn potential. Dexlated chelates are known to be 100% more efficient than inorganic iron… ...Read More

OCP Biologicals fuses local knowhow with German technology

Soil without microbes is like a motor without fuel, it just won’t go. And just like a motor, the sort of fuel you put into your soil can have a huge effect on the performance of your turf. Adding nutrient is only one part of the fuel mix, you need good biology as a catalyst to make things happen. Good soil biology is created naturally simply by leaving the soil alone and letting nature do its thing. However intensive turf management does not lend itself to letting nature run wild. The cultural practices of renovation, using high analysis fertilisers, fumigants… ...Read More

Overseeding: Winter growth, colour or both?

Many Turf Managers assume that turf-type perennial ryegrasses are all much the same, but the species Lolium perenne covers a wide range of genetic variation. One form of this variation concerns winter growth rate. Genetic types that originate from northern Europe (known as Continental types) shut down growth over winter in order to survive snow and ice. Almost all turf-type ryegrasses bred in the US are from Continental genetics, to suit their climate (even fairly warm climates like Virginia can experience polar vortexes, bringing snow and extreme cold). But genetic types that originate from southern Europe, known as Mediterranean types,… ...Read More

MATCHplay Superior Liquid Nutrients

Matchplay have released a new range of Superior Liquid Nutrients to promote plant colour, strength and overall health this summer. These products uniquely contain biologically active ingredients including but not limited to VM3 (organic nutrient complexing technology) and VAM (beneficial root enhancing fungi).  The benefits that flow from regular use of these ingredients include increased health and vigour and the release of bound nutrients in the soil.  Matchplay Superior liquid nutrients enhance the soil biology to result in;    – Increased root mass and root hair activity    – Fast recovery from environmental stresses    – Heightened tolerance to parasitic nematodes,… ...Read More