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Precision Turf

Living Turf® provides professional turf managers with a complete product distribution and agronomic consultancy service with the ability to diagnose, recommend, supply and apply tailored product solutions. Living Turf’s® application service is a natural extension to our business, helping clients with their product application needs and working to increase turf quality and reduce public exposure.

We operate a team of experienced technicians – Gavin Snape, Tim Bryon, Scott Richardson, Blake Goodwin, supported capably by Anthony Powell (Team Leader) and Dr Henk Smith (General Manager & Technical Director). Our technicians are all qualified Greenkeepers and Chemcert accredited, each with over 10 years’ experience in professional turf and operating in public open spaces.

Living Turf’s® fleet of application equipment includes a 3 Toro and 1 Ground Logic motorised spreader/sprayers, Polaris Specialty Sprayer and 3 Toyota Utilities. Our vehicles are ‘Spraywise ‘endorsed and fitted with the complete Syngenta ‘Air Inducted’ nozzle range with GPS tracking for even and effective treatments.

Our highly trained sales professionals help clients develop year-round maintenance programs to meet seasonal needs of high-quality turf, with our technicians proactively targeting problem areas with visible results. From herbicide spraying to fertilisers and colorants, from gypsum to granular fertilisers, our expert capabilities help to reduce issues associated with public liability, offering professional turf managers a convenient, safe and cost effect spray alternative that achieves high quality results, every time.

Spray application timing is critical, so please contact Anthony Powell (Team Leader),
to discuss the right time and product for your turf situation.


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