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Disease Management- A Strategic Approach


Intensive turf management is most often accompanied by a high risk of infection from pathogenic disease organisms. These diseases can cause significant damage to green assets and in turn be very costly to control. 

Professional turf managers strive to minimize the use of pesticides by employing cultural practices to keep a healthy turf plant. When push comes to shove however, an arsenal of control products is available for managers to achieve efficient control when disease outbreaks occur.

Ring disease Nov 2013 PHGCGenerally speaking, you get what you pay for with fungicides. The more expensive products usually exhibit a wider spectrum of control or a higher degree of efficacy than cheaper products. Ask your Living Turf Rep about Fungicides in regards to their spectrum of control, their comparative cost and their degree of efficacy against individual pathogens.

At Living turf we advocate contingency programming for fungicide use. This is where the diseases that predominate in a given climate are identified, along with their peak season of activity. Then a rotation of chemistry is programmed before field monitoring is used to predict outbreaks. Fungicide use that is driven by predictive tactics is proactive management, and is often the most cost-effective strategy.

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