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Easy open, fast and safe. Our new and innovative way to get to your MATCHPlay products.

Living Turf are pleased to introduce our latest innovation of packaging for our MATCHPlay product range. 

In recent times the industry standard for fertiliser bags have always been poly woven bags that are sown shut. We as turf managers have noticed that opening and pouring them can be quite challenging. A stanley knife is often needed to cut the bags to open them, which often results in the shredding of the material and even spilt products, whilst also rendering the bag useless after cutting.

Our MATCHPlay bag features a one time easy tear tag at the top of the bag. 

Once you pull it, the sewn thread comes away clean, leaving a bag that can be resealed, reused, and repurposed. From a safety perspective, no more stanley knives are needed, from a convenience perspective, less spillage and a clean opening will make for a safer and faster job.

Easy open bags are now available for our MATCHPlay granular fertiliser products.

Check out this video for more information.