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Stop Poa Seed in it’s tracks…

is a powerful means of preventing the population explosion that results from the annual flush of wintergrass (Poa annua) seed.  Wintergrass is a prolific weed of cool season turf, especially bentgrass golf greens. While the vegetative growth stage of wintergrass produces a desirable turf surface, the onset of seed head causes a lank and open habit, the proliferation of seed stalk and an unsightly frosting of viable seed.

Intercept packIn December 2013 the APVMA approved a 4 hour re-entry period for INTERCEPT 480SL, the first registration of its’ type for Australian turf.  This is music to the ears of turf managers striving to manage wintergrass for desirable green speed and surface quality.

The shallow rooted habit of wintergrass often requires heightened inputs to resist the stresses caused by the disease and drought in summer. Often the increased presence of wintergrass in a field or golf green can increase the need to significantly renovate or rebuild, in turn increasing running costs for golf and sporting clubs.

The adaptive ability of wintergrass means that a complete eradication strategy has remained elusive. Its ability to sport various biotypes within a population makes generic control strategies difficult to develop and therefore situation specific management is the norm.  Products such as SHORTstop 200SC and Primo MAXX have been used to influence population dynamics and suppress wintergrass in favour of desirable species.  Seedhead has however remained the greatest challenge. Until now that is – the introduction of Intercept 480SL.

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