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Fertiliser Technologies

Living Turf fertilisers employ a range of cutting edge technologies from the world’s leading manufacturers in order to present the most comprehensive and flexible nutritional offering possible.  The technologies below help to construct fertiliser formulas that produce powerful growth response, for premium presentation and all at a very affordable cost.


Duration® is an advanced generation polymer coating technology that gradually meters nutrients for two months, four months or even all season long to meet the plant’s needs. With release patterns being influenced by temperature, feeding closely immitates turf growth cycles, resulting in enhanced efficiency,which is good for the environment and your bottom line. Click to learn more about Duration. 

PHCAPHCA uses carboxy organic acids (derived from naturally occurring plant tissue) to increase the bioavailability of fertilisers. Firstly PHCA speeds the movement of nutrients into the soil. Secondly its mild chelating influence increases absorption of nutrients into the roots.  Finally PHCA improves translocation of nutrients inside turf to achieve fast and efficient turf response. The resulting turf response to PHCA is increased root growth and stand density. Click to learn more about PHCA®.

MESA_tech_smlMESA is a unique fertiliser technology that combines methylene urea with sulphate of ammonia in a single homogeneous granule. This patented manufacturing process produces a slow release fertiliser that combines quick acting, ammonia nitrogen with stable and long term methylene urea.  The result is a quick greening of treated turf without surge growth or burn potential. Click to learn more about MESA. 


METHEX40® methylene urea slow release nitrogen is a trusted technology that has a gradual, consistent release and longevity that allows for the effective feeding of turfgrass with fewer applications for up to 16 weeks. Methex 40® decreases the risk of nitrate leaching or runoff. Click to learn more  about METHEX40®. 

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TMhomogeneous fertilisers contain a revolutionary dispersing fertiliser technology that minimises mower pick-up with a short irrigation cycle. N-FusionTM utilises special binding agents that react with water to release the nutrients through the turf canopy into the root zone. Click to learn more about N-Fusion. 


UMAXX is a premium stabilised nitrogen fertiliser designed to maximize nitrogen efficiency and minimise nitrogen loss. Stabilised Nitrogen remains in the root zone longer in a useable form, therefore, providing consistent growth and optimum results. UMAXX® provides consistent colour response for up to 16 weeks. Click to learn more  about UMAXX® .


UFLEXX is the partner technology to it’s big brother UMAXX®. The difference between the two technologies is UFLEXX has a lower level of nitrifrication inhibitor. This means it is more cost effective and provides slightly less longevity of nitrogen release. Additionally UFLEXX is intended mainly for granular broadcast applications, where UMAXX (because of its complete solubility) is able to be dissolved and sprayed without fear of blocked nozzles and tank residue. Click to learn more about UFLEXX®.