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The Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC) is an association of 11 councils spanning Sydney’s southern, eastern, central, and inner west suburbs.  The SSROC contract for supply of horticultural products and services has long been known by industry as due recognition for excellence, by businesses chosen to participate on their vendor panel.

From 1st October 2021, Living Turf takes up its position on this panel, and in turn introduce our unique product and service offering to member councils.  Headquartered in Marrickville, Living Turf is nestled right in SSROC territory, and with our technical sales representatives being well known to member turf managers, we are hugely excited about assisting councils to maintain their open space green assets.

Living Turf boasts a suite of services that play right into this contract, spearheaded by Precision Turf®, our product application business unit (spreading, spraying and technical service).  While Precision Turf is known for accurate delivery of turf products, our clients also highly value the automated compliance, whereby spray records delivered to secure login client accounts within 24 hours.  Add to that, My-Results® online analytical service, My-Climate® monitoring and alert for high-risk environmental conditions, POGO® soil sensing and GPS mapping, and TurfKeeper® business diary software, and that’s just a start.

National Sales Manager for Living Turf Ashley Neuendorf says, “our intention is to showcase our people, products and services to SSROC member councils as soon as covid allows”.  “We are super excited to win our spot on this SSROC panel, and plan to make every post a winner, and secure this position into the future.”

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