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LT Queensland launch

Although Living Turf has been servicing the Queensland market for almost 2 years now, we decided it was time to formally introduce ourselves. Gathering the Living Turf team, key suppliers and over a 100 of Queensland’ turf professionals, we kicked off a more formal launch with a Sportsturf Seminar held at Eagle Farm Racecourse just over a fortnight ago.

FullSizeRender[8]With a busy morning schedule of tech talks, a  breezy chat from Darryl Brohman lightened the mood and made for a well balanced program. Rugby League legend and The Foot Show Panelist, Daryl finished off a great morning taking questions from the audience in a no holes barred laugh a minute presentation.

Confident of the new and beneficial products Living Turf bring to the Queensland market, we took the morning to introduce some of our key suppliers, starting with an informative Q&A session on nutrition.  Nutrite, Organic Crop Protectants, Matchplay and Microturf products were all featured, with special reference to unique aspects of their technology and its application for the Queensland climate.

Peter Kirby then covered new products from Bayer including Temprid, Interface, StressGard®, Chipco GT® and Tribute® before Dr Phil Ford from PGG Wrightson took the stage with a key note address.  Dr Ford simplified the complex inter-relationships involved in transitional over-seeding and put a compelling argument for the use of Mediterranean sourced ryegrasses for winter activity and durability on Australian sportsfields. To learn more about Dr Ford’s presentation on oversowing couch and his research findings on Continental vs Mediterranean varieties please click here, or for more information on Living Turf’s tailored ryegrass seed offering please click here.

Managing Director, Rob Cooper, presented the newest innovation from Living Turf – My-Climate®, the complete turf risk management system and the associated smartphone App, that was launched last August and can be downloaded via the Appstore.

My-Climate® is a comprehensive climate analysis system, that works to support Integrated Pest Management programs. By combining current weather data with historic and forecasted information, then screening it through sophisticated algorithms, My-Climate provides early warning against disease and weed outbreaks, allowing you to stay one step ahead, improve treatment outcomes and reduce chemical usage through informed decision making.

While My-Climate® initially focused on disease prevention we soon realised that access to soil temperature could also allow us predict weed germination, it is therefore that within the next two months My-Climate® will grow to host around 16 weeds prediction models. The biggest development though that we are hugely excited about and rushing to launch is the ‘self learning feature’ that is based on a complex mathematical concept called ‘Self-Learning Algorithms’. For example, predicting Pythium in Brisbane may be different to the disease that develops in Cairn’s, California or Canada due to the varying weather conditions, soils and treatments. For more information on how My-Climate® can help you work smarter contact your Living Turf Representative.


A highlight of the day was an insightful discussion on the current project underway at Eagle Farm between our Queensland Manager, Ashley Neuendorf and Evergreen’s Peter Manning. Peter talked the group through the redevelopment strategy as well as environmental considerations, problems encountered and project timings, followed by an interactive audience discussion.

From Living Turf’s perspective the day was a great success, providing the perfect platform to put faces to names, introduce our business and more formally showcase our unique technologies and products to the Queensland market. We are confident of achieving our aim – having delegates leave the day informed, entertained and well-fed.

Many thanks has to be given to our outstanding suppliers who made the effort to join us in our launch efforts. For more information discussed on the day please be sure to  contact your living Turf Representative.