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Friday 9 July 2021

POGO is a digital tool for turf management, that has inspired Living Turf and our clients, to innovate far beyond just seeing how your turf is feeling. 

I want to share my experience working with the mapping of irrigation lines in POGO. This is an awesome feature because it is so good in its application and practicality for turf management operations. When we think of why we need maps 99% of the time on a golf course, or anywhere else for that matter, it is generally years after the installation, and nobody remembers where things are – “Does the mainline go across here or across there?” “Is there a 100mm mainline here or is it only 80mm?”. “Is there power cable or 2-wire in with this main?

For those that do not have accurate maps of their underground utilities, POGO is a really good way of quickly being able to create a map, and store it for posterity. 

For those that do, POGO is still great for generating that map on your phone, and with a POGO in the other hand, allows you to accurately locate underground services on site. This can still be difficult with a map when you either have to print it out or look at it in the office and then go out and find it on site.

Imagine a new irrigation project, where you are trenching cables and pipes, around trees and across fairways, etc. Use the POGO GPS mapping tool on your mobile and walk the trench, in curves and around bends, and generate really accurate and practical as built maps.

For more information on POGO or a demonstration at your facility, contact your Living Turf territory manager, in Australia and New Zealand.  Give it a go… it is very easy to use the feature, go to Assets in the app and just get started.


Jeff Lane

Living Turf WA