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MATCHPlay – Better Turf Surfaces with Less Environmental Impact

MatchPlay Superior Liquids bring the science of soil biology to life, while a My-Results biology test  can measure, track & validate microbe population balance & diversity.    

Managing high value turf in sand profiles is where Matchplay Superior Liquids first came to prominence.  The patented manufacturing system, born in the Riverina (NSW), first made its way into the professional turf arena via Canberra Stadium, nearly a decade ago.  Word soon spread between major Australian stadium managers and it wasn’t long before Matchplay got involved.  Distribution through Living Turf followed, and now this unique liquid nutrient technology is available throught Australia and New Zealand.

A range of case studies now support the uplift Matchplay Superior Liquids bring to turf root health & quality in sand profiles.  Living Turf’s collaboration with leading Australian scientists, means we can now measure soil microbial populations and their diversity.  By establishing population data, before & after programmed applications, the development of soil microbe populations can be directly linked to turf root vigour, density & depth.

From an environmental perspective, this amazingly comes about with less applied nutrient, and in most cases a reduced cost of inputs (fertiliser + chemical). 

Microbilogists suggest this is due to the increased efficiency in the mineralisation of soil nutrients, and subsequently reduced leachate.  It has long been known that microbes are responsible for nutrient availability, but now that science comes to life, leading us as an industry towards “Better Turf Surfaces, with Less Enviromental Impact”.

Interestingly, the turf management practice that does most damage to soil microbes, is synthetic fertilisation.  Through education, and now field experience, Living Turf sales agronomists are skilled at programming synthetic fertiliser in a manner, that protects soil biology.  The amount and the form in which Nitrogen is supplied, is critical.  Considered programming recommendations in this regard, by your Living Turf agronomist, will ensure you get the most bang for your buck when using Matchplay Superior Liquids.

MP ROOTS® is the backbone of any MP Superior Liquids program. This root enhancing formulation is accompanied by a wide range of beneficial microbes and a rich organic complex, to replenish & feed soils biology & turf.

  • Apply year round, to feed turf & soil microbes, and grow strong turf roots.

MP NOURISH® feeds turf with a balanced NPK for immediate turf response.  It also, is a principal source of a wide range of beneficial microbes, as well as a rich organic complex, to replenish and feed soil biology.

  • Apply throughout the warmer periods and high stress situations.

 MP REINFORCE® punches well above its weight, in terms of its ability to strengthen a turf canopy.  It contains freely available Silica (3%) Si in the form of mono-silicic acid (MSA) – the most plant available form of silica on the market.

  • Used widely as a tank mix partner with MP Roots or MP Nourish.

 MP FOUNDATION® is the go-to product for increasing turf response to fertiliser. An immediate positive effect on soil biology, is followed by better break down of organic matter & mineralisation of synthetic granular fertilisers.

  • Apply year round, or, straight after granular fertiliser applications.

 MP PROMOTE® A highly concentrated inoculum for introducing microbes into a tired soil.  VAM (Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizas) + a proprietary blend of 14 scientifically balanced species of bacillus, yeast & pseudomonas.

  • Apply to increase microbiology & nutrient cycling in managed turf soils.

MP SAFE N® delivers Nitrogen (primarily in a protein form) to guard against leaf burn or damage to soil microbes. A high analysis nitrogen fertiliser (28-0-0), Safe N contains VM3 organics, derived from a patented manufacturing system.

  • Apply alone, or in tank mix, whenever increased growth rate is desired.

 MP ENRICH® is a specially formulated and unique liquid iron chelate + zinc, in order to produce a deep, natural, green turf colour without risk of turf damage.

  • Perfect for Autumn / Winter application, or when healthy greening is required.

 MP REFRESH® Foliar Nitrogen, Calcium and Boron liquid fertiliser with optimal pH, to maximise leaf uptake. It delivers freely available calcium along with protein based organic Nitrogen, to strengthen turf and aid recovery.

  • Excellent for turf recovery after stress, wear, or renovation events.