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MATCHplay® Superior Liquid Range Boosted

Living Turf’s® liquid nutritional range has recently being strengthened by 3 new additions under the MATCHplay® brand.

MP REINFORCE® has been reformulated to now contain monosilicic acid or MSA – the most plant available form of Silica (Si) – to aid with cell wall strength, wear tolerance and improvements in essential nutrient uptake.

Two other new products to join the ranks are MP ENRICH and MP SAFE N. MP ENRICH contains highly available dexlated chelates of iron and zinc that results in great colour and low burn potential. Dexlated chelates are known to be 100% more efficient than inorganic iron salts to deliver long lasting colour.

MP SAFE N is a protein-based nitrogen source that is extremely safe to use on turf. It delivers efficient plant recognisable nitrogen directly into the leaf tissue for an optimised response. Both MP SAFE N and MP ENRICH contain VM3 technology, which significantly enhances nutrient availability and contains beneficial bacteria, plant stimulants and trace minerals.

Speak to your Living Turf Specialist about the MATCHplay® Superior Liquids range today.