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MatchPlay® Superior Liquids Range

MatchPlay® is a truly home grown Aussie local. MatchPlay® employs extensive local expertise to develop products that match the needs of Australian turf managers. We are proud of the fact that MatchPlay® products are expertly formulated and quality controlled to provide reliable performance, every time.

None speak more to these qualities than the MatchPlay® Superior Liquids Range. This innovative range of organic biologically enhanced liquid products are all locally developed and formulated. They contain soil stable nutrients and nitrogen in a protein form that will not burn turf and is proven to be less susceptible to leaching. Nutrients, stimulants and beneficial microbes are delivered to the plant and soil in one stable, easy-to-use package. The range contains VM3 and VAM technology to optimise nutrition uptake, soil microbe populations and specific plant stimulation.

Be sure to contact your Living Turf Specialist to assist in developing a specific strategy for your turf.