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Product Description Techsheet SDS
Blazon Blue Non Staining Blue spray indicator. Download Download
Boom Tank Cleaner Boom Tank Cleaner is a mixture of chelating agents and detergents which can be used to cleanout spraying equipment and decontaminate most pesticide residues. Download Download
Carbon Trader A carbon water dispersible granule (WDG). Download Download
DewCure A unique, proprietary product developed specifically to reduce excess leaf moisture caused by dew, guttation, rain, irrigation, and frost. Download Download
Filmstar Filmstar is a stocking-extending agent designed to control the life of pesticides. Download Download
Foam Marker Foam Marker White is a concentrated foam liquid to identify broadacre spray swath width. Download Download
Foursome Turf Pigment Foursome is a green turf pigment. Download Download
Green Lawnger Turf paint and divot mix colourant. Download Download
Maxi Buff A unique multi-function water conditioner and pH indicator formulated with both organic and inorganic acids designed to deal with hard water and buffer the pH of spray solutions in a non-corrosive manner, improving the uptake and translocation of foliar nutrients. Download Download
MP Verdant MP Verdant is a concentrated copper phthalocyanine green turf pigment,
specifically designed to extend and enhance the aesthetic appearance of all turf surfaces.
Download Download
Spreadwet 1000 Premium quality non-ionic surfactant. Download Download
Turf Pigment Cleaner Biodegradable Turf Pigment Cleaner,
Easily and safely remove turf pigment residue from sprayers and other turf maintenance equipment.
Download Download
Tru Blue Blue dye that is formulated to readily indicate areas that have been sprayed. Tru blu gives a temporary colouration that fades with rain and sunlight. Download Download
Wetout Next generation non-ionic surfactant that enhances the spray application of various foliar applied products. Download Download