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Overseeding – 10 point plan

PGG have boldly produced a 10 step PGG program for transitional over-seeding – work within the guidelines (using PGG Wrightson ryegrass) and they stand behind it 100%.  Move outside the guidelines and you are on your own.  This plan is the first scientifically based document that turf managers can use to educate stakeholders on the do’s and don’ts of over-seeding.  It includes reference to rates, establishment period, removal and uniquely, the need for 140 days of ryegrass free growth per annum to restore the warm season under-story.

Over-seeding describes the process where ryegrass is planted into warm season turf (eg; couch, kikuyu) in Autumn, ahead of the onset of winter cold.  From a surface quality perspective, the warm season turf provides the structural resistance to wear and erosion, while the rye provides protection against and regrowth from winter sport.  In spring before warm summer conditions return, a selective herbicide is used to eliminate the rye, so that the warm season grass receives sufficient light and freedom from competition to thrive and restore surface quality during the summer. (Why oversow? – click here) 

At <a href=" find out” target=”_blank”>Living Turf, we have been busy educating clients on the difference between Continental and Mediterranean ryegrass types – two distinctly different genetic types. Continental types evolved in norther Europe, are adapted for summer growth and they all but shut down in winter to survive snow cover. They are characterised as dark types and predominate in US breeding and production programs. On the other hand, Mediterranean types evolved in southern Europe (eg: Italy, Spain) and are adapted to high winter growth rates only shutting down at the height of summer to survive hot dry climates.

PGG Wrightson are the only breeder in professional turf who have paid such attention to high performing Mediterranean types, which include their leading varieties Collosseum and Arena II.  The high winter activity in these types is accompanied by a mid to dark green colour, not quite as dark as the continental types such as Soprano.  With the versatility of this ryegrass stable and by understanding of the different  needs of our clients, Living Turf have worked with PGG Wrightson to offer the following exclusive ryegrass products;

1. Stadium Blend incorporates the deep dark green colour of Soprano, with the cool climate germination and vigour of Arena II and Collosseum.  The genetic diversity of Stadium Blend makes it the product of choice for elite winter sports-fields.

2. Sporano is PGG Wrightsons premium continental type, available exclusive from Living Turf, for the deepest darkest and most attractive turf.

3. Sports Blend is a three way mix of Mediterranean types, for over-seeding in open space sportsturf, where winter traffic is at its highest.

Another area of innovation unique to PGG Wrightson breeding program is novel endophytes. Avinex® is a ‘hot’ endophyte that deters feeding birds, insect and even mammals.  This technology is particularly targeted for airports where bird strikes are a significant risk.  However their application to sportsfields has been highlighted by their inclusion in Colloseum turf ryegrass.  Last year we sold Colloseum with Avinex into a sportsfield where ducks were a significant pest.  The client planted it on the outfield but not on the wicket table and guess what, no ducks on the outfield what so ever but a noticeable population on the turf wickets. (Click to view the entire PGG seed offering)

For more information on exclusive PGG Wrightson turf seed varieties click here or  talk to your Living Turf Representative or call us on 1300 556 116.

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