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POGO Pro+ is a world-renowned scientific turf measuring probe that allows you to ‘see exactly what your turf is feeling’. 

Living Turf are the leading distributor of scientific turf management products and services to the Australian Turf Industry.

The POGO System was recently appointed by the PGA as the preferred measure of playing surface condition for affiliated tournament golf events.  

POGO Pro+ is a portable, wireless, durable and easy-to-use tool that collects precise data including moisture, salinity, canopy and soil temperature.  It is based on a patented soil sensor called HydraProbe™ and is accurate in all soils without calibration.

The POGO system offers the POGO TurfPro Cloud as a mapping platform that automatically analyses your data and presents it visually with every upload from the POGO smartphone app.  See variations of moisture, salinity, temperature, ball speed, firmness and more across every zone of your facility. This gives an enormous amount of insight at a glance, from just minutes of data collection each day.

Carmen Magro, Vice President, Business Development at Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc’ says of Living Turf, “We have been trading in Australia for some years now seeking the right distribution partner to represent this innovative platform”.  “Living Turf just kept coming up in every conversation we had with Australia superintendents and professionals whose opinion we trust”.

Rob Cooper, Managing Director at Living Turf, says “POGO was first brought to our attention by some of our clients who were eager to obtain the system and be supported in its adoption.”  “We are thrilled to represent POGO, because it perfectly complements our existing suite of digital turf products which includes My-Results®, My-Climate® & TurfKeeper®”.

This targeted partnership continues the national rollout of Living Turf’s unique and expansive offer – which blends technology, product, irrigation, and agronomy expertise, to help green spaces flourish.

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