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Living Turf is proud to offer a full range of fertiliser nutrients for many different applications. Across this product range, a series of unique and useful technologies are used to control the delivery, longevity, turf safety and performance of our products. 

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The core technologies feature in this product range include slow release nitrogen (Isodure – Methydure – MESA – UMAXX – UFLEXX), Eco Advance Premium Biology which is biological coated fertilisers and nutrient availability enhancement from HUmoxy. 

Particle grade and uniformity is essential for even fertiliser application and is described by the term SGN (Size Guide Number)
100SGN (average particle size = 1mm) for greens
145SGN (1.45mm) for fine turf such as golf tees and manicured lawns
195SGN (1.95mm) for fairways and lawns
220SGN (2.2mm) for general sportsturf

As fertiliser specialists, Living Turf believes finding more proactive, environmentally responsible and cost effective ways to maintain healthy turf. With proper nutrition, your turf will be more stress resistant and require less water – producing exceptional playing conditions and very satisfied customers.

What is Best Management Practice?? Best management practices for fertilisations incorporate efficiency, premium quality and environmentally responsible products to not only maximise your fertiliser budget, but also to improve your turf quality

4 Categories of Fertilisers

Greens and Fine Turf – benefits from slow-release fertilisers due to the reduction in up-front surge and uniformity of nutrient supply over time. 

Fairways and Sportsturf – benefits from uniform release of nutrients to help repair turfgrass from traffic and maximise carrying capacity. 

Water Soluble Fertilisers (WSF) – offer a flexible application strategy, with no need to irrigate and the option to tank mix with other products.

Liquid Fertilisers quick acting fertilisers for immediate response combined with the extended release of nutrients over time.