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Superior Liquids

Living Turf’s natural plant protection range uses native isolates of beneficial microbes, manufactured locally by trusted supply partners, along with unique organics targeted at boosting immune systems for healthy, resilient turf grass.

Product Category Description Techsheet Label SDS
MP Enrich Liquid Fertilisers 1-0-0+5Fe+3Zn+VM3. MP ENRICH is a specially formulated dexlated chelate liquid iron and zinc fertiliser that is easily absorbed by the leaves to produce a deep colour without causing any burn or damage. The balanced rates of dexlated chelated iron and zinc in MP ENRICH will bring out a natural deep green colour by aiding nitrogen metabolism and chlorophyll synthesis. Download Download Download
MP Kelplus Biostimulants The seaweed concentrate in KELPLUS is a pure extract of fresh Ascophyllum nodosum, which is a storehouse of over 60 naturally occurring major and minor nutrients and amino acids. KELPLUS supplies low concentrations of naturally occurring growth promoting substances. Download Download Download
MP Nourish Liquid Fertilisers 10-1-11 + VAM + VM3. Specially formulated stabilised liquid nitrogen + potassium fertiliser. Stabilised nitrogen for long lasting feeding of turf. Contains humates, plant stimulants, kelp and trace elements. Also contains VAM beneficial fungi. Download Download Download
MP Promote Innoculants A highly concentrated formula of Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizas (VAM), with a proprietary blend of 14 scientifically balanced and activated species of bacillus, pseudomonas and yeast. Apply MP PROMOTE for enhanced nutrient uptake efficiency and increase beneficial soil microbiology. Download Download Download
MP Refresh Liquid Fertilisers 10-1-0 + 10 Ca +1.5B + VM3 delivers freely available calcium along with protein based organic nitrogen to strengthen turf. Contains humates, plant stimulants, kelp and trace elements. Download Download Download
MP Reinforce Liquid Fertilisers Si in the form of monosilicic acid (MSA) is the most plant available form of silicon. Apply to strengthen turf canopy against traffic and encourage air flow around turf shoots. Download Download Download
MP Roots Liquid Fertilisers 5-5-3 + VAM + VM3. Biologically active liquid fertiliser delivers freely available Phosphorus to stimulate root growth and correct deficiency fast. Formulated with VM3 organics and added VAM. Download Download Download
MP Safe K Liquid Fertilisers 2-0-21 + VM3. MP Safe K is a high potassium chelated citrate form that will not cause leaf burn or damage to soil micro-biology. MP SAFE K is formulated with VM3 organics Download Download Download
MP Safe N Liquid Fertilisers 28-0-0 + VM3. MP SAFE N delivers Nitrogen to turf primarily in a protein form that will not cause leaf burn or damage soil microbiology. MP SAFE N contains VM3, a proprietary organic technology that enhances nutrient availability, longevity and compatibility for better turf performance. Download Download Download
MP Vitalise Biostimulants A liquid biostimulant to enhance turf defense systems or as a drench to increase microbial activity and nutrient performance. Chelated liquid with biostimulant. Download Download Download