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Soil, plant and water conditioners

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Soil Moisture Care
Soil wetting agents are a useful tool to maximise water use efficiency, but only quality products like MATCHplay’s Soil Moisture Care Range increase infiltration and water holding capacity simultaneously.

Turf conditioners and growth regulators 
Studies have shown that stressed turf slows production of important metabolic substances.  External application of these substances increases turf resistance to physical and environmental stress.

Water and soil conditioners 
Waters high in bicarbonates are sometimes referred to as hard waters.  Recycled, bore and runoff water often deteriorates soil structure by blocking pore spaces and needs to be treated.

did you know

 Bicarbonates are alkaline salts that have the capacity to tie-up free calcium as calcium carbonate.  This renders calcium unavailable to the plant and reduces its ability to flocculate soil and maintain porosity.

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