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Weed Identification Guide-Links

Weed Name Description Control Recommendations Picture
(Scientific Name)
Azolla Native of Australia ../images/Weed ident/Azolla.jpg
(Azolla pinnata) A floating perennial ferm 1-3cm long, pinnately branched
Often forms a carpet on the surface of slow moving or stagnant water
Leaves alternate, deeply two lobed
Bachelors Button A native of Australia ../images/Weed ident/Bachelors button.JPG
(Cotula australis) A small slender herb with carrot like leaves
Flower heads terminal, solitary, greenish-white, on slender leafless erect penduncles
Stems much branched and trailing often taking root near the base and becoming more erect
Wide spread and common in moist, shady habitats
Often mistaken for bindii
Bindii Prostrate mat forming habit Broadside (POST) ../assets/Bindii_web.jpg
(Solvia pterosperma) Bright green, delicate (carrot like) leaves Kamba M (POST)
Flower heads slightly conves. sessile in rosette, centres forming burrs with short spines Methar Tri Kombi (POST)
Monument (POST)
Turf Control (POST)
Burr Medic Native to Europe ../images/Weed ident/Burr medic.JPG
(Medicago denticulata) An annual with small trifoliate leaves, light green leaflets elliptical, toothed and serrated
Top leaflet has a longer petiole than the other two
Axillary stiples deeping toothed
Flowers are small, pea-like, yellow solitary clusters on thin annsillary stems
Not stoloniferious but produces a fine, thick mat with hooked burrs present on stems (seed pods)
Cape Weed Large gairy grey/green leaves forming open rosette up to 80cm x 30cm Broadside (POST) ../assets/Capeweed_web.jpg
(Arctotheca calendula) Yellow flowers with dark centre Kamba M (POST)
Strong root system Turf Control (POST)
Heavy seed production
Cats Ear Long leaves with deep lobes forming a flat rosette Broadside (POST) ../assets/cats%20ear_web.jpg
(Hypochoeris radicata) Flowers yellow on a lengthy often branched floral stem MetharTri Kombi (POST)
Silverado (POST)
Turf Control (POST
Chickweed Soft, low growing plant (herbaceous) Broadside (POST) ../assets/chickweed_web.jpg
(Stellaria medica) Light green, soft leaves, broader at base forming slightly pointed tip Dimension (PRE)
Small white flower Embargo (PRE)
Mouse weared chickweed is hairy Kamba M (POST)
Methar Tri Kombi (POST)
Smackdown (POST)
Crowsfoot Grass Tuft forming grass Barricade (PRE) ../assets/Crowsfoot Grass_web.jpg
(Eleusine indica) Produces stolons at nodes of runners Dimension (PRE)
Soft, hairy leaves Enbargo (PRE)
5-8 spikes per inflorescence with are 4 – 15 cm long Rifle 440 (PRE)
Bigger than Goose Grass (Eleusine tristachya) Ronstar (PRE)
Cudweed Rosette forming with leaves grey/green on top and whitish/grey underneath Broadside (POST) ../assets/cudweed_web.jpg
(Gnaphalium sphaericum) Furry leaf underside Kamba M (POST)
Upright flower stem with brown papery flowers Silverado (POST)
Turf Control (POST)
Dandelion Rosette forming with bright green sharply lobed leaves – lobes point backwards Broadside (POST) ../assets/dandelion_web.jpg
(Taraxacum officinale) Yellow daisy like flowers forming sphere shaped seed head – fine hairs attached Kamba M (POST)
Methar Tri Kombi (POST)
Silverado (POST)
Fleabane Small compact rosette when young quickly becoming upright and varied in height if not mown Broadside (POST) ../assets/fleabane_web.jpg
(Conzya spp) Main stem branching near top forming panicle of white/cream flowers Kamba M (POST)
Flickweed Small soft herbaceous plant with pinnate leaves and small white flowers Broadside (POST) ../assets/Flick%20weed_web.jpg
(Cardamine hirsute) Explosive rod shaped fruits Kamba M (POST)
Smooth, hairless flattened leaves and stems Contact your turf representative ../assets/Goose Grass_web.jpg
Goose Grass 2-4 spikes per inflorescence which are 1-3cms long which run in two rows alongone side of the stem for control options
(Eleusine tristachya) Stems have a knee-like bend
Smaller than Crowsfoot grass
Guildford Grass 3-10 strap like leaves to 30cm long Destiny (POST) ../assets/guildford%20grass_web.jpg
(Romulea rosea) Pink/purple, 6 petalled flowers with yellow throat on stem that slowly lengthens
Annual above ground growth – persistant bulbs
Kidney Weed Native to Australia ../images/Weed ident/Kidneyweed.JPG
(Dichondra repens) A stoloniferous perennial herb rooting at the nodes.
Leaves round kidney shaped on long petioles
Flowers yellow or white
Lambs Tounge Rosette forming with parrallel leaf venation Broadside (POST) ../assets/Lambs%20Tongue_web.jpg
(Plantago lanceolata) Flowers singularly on tip of lengthy stem Kamba M (POST)
Methar Tri Kombi (POST)
Silverado (POST)
Turf Control (POST)
Mullimbimby Couch Grass like plant with shallow rhizomes DSMA (POST) ../assets/Mullimbimby%20Couch_web.jpg
(Cyperus brevifolius) Triangular shiny stems supporting hairless glossy green leaves Kamba M (POST)
3 leaf bract sitting below tufty inflorescence Monument (POST)
Passtox (POST)
Sempra (POST)
Nut Grass Sedge with glossy green linear leaves DSMA (POST) ../assets/Nut%20Grass_web.jpg
(Cyperus rotundus) Triangular stems supporting brown spike infloresence that has 2-4 bracts below Sempra (POST)
Onion Weed Strap like glaucus (grey/green) leaves – release distinctive onion smell is crushed Destiny (POST) ../assets/Onion%20Weed_web.jpg
(Nothoscordum inodorum) Multiple white flowers with papery bracts on top of stems
Black seeds
Oxalis – Creeping Heart shaped leaves and 5 petalled yellow flowers Broadside (POST) ../assets/Creeping%20Oxalis_web.jpg
(Oxalis spp) Creeping stems take root at nodes and spread efficently Kamba M (POST)
Methar Tri Kombi (POST)
Turf Control (POST)
Paspalum Hairless tufted grass with noticible fold along mid rib DSMA (POST) ../assets/Paspalum_web.jpg
(Paspalum dilatatum) Flowers are multiple spikes that hold stick black seeds Passtox (POST)
Strong stolons and rhizomes
Pennyweed Native of Australia ../images/Weed ident/pennyweed.jpg
(Hydrocotyle tripartite) A perennial with creeping prostrate stolons and rhizomes which root at the nodes
The leaves are divided to the petiole
Flowers are sessile, greenish-yellow and inconspicuous
Often found in sheltered, moist soils
Pennywort Perennial weed common in damp areas ../assets/Pennywort_web.JPG
(Hydrocotyle bonariensis) Creeping habit taking root at nodes
Leaves like umbrellas attached to a petiole in the middle of the underside
Small, white flowers in clusters on stalks
Pig Weed A succulent prostrate summer annual with reddish borwn stems ../images/Weed ident/Pigweed.JPG
(Portulaca oleracea) Leaves shiny oblate to wedge shaped 1-2cm long.
Flowers yellow, solitary to clusters in the leaf axles
A common weed occuring throughout Australia in cultivated soils of high rainfall
Pink Oxalis Clump forming habit supporting heart shaped dark green leaves Broadside (POST) ../assets/Pink%20Oxalis_web.jpg
(Oxalis corymbosa) Bulbs (with bulblets) below ground Kamba M (POST)
Methar Tri Kombi (POST)
Ronstar (PRE)
Turf Control (POST)
Prairie Grass A densely tufted short-lived perennial grass with hairy lower leaf sheaths ../images/Weed ident/Prairygrass.JPG
(Bromus catharticus) Leaf blades hairless and often rough to touch
Inflorescence a pannicle which tends to droop, with flattened spikelets
Salvinia A free floating aquatic weed up to 30cm long ../images/Weed%20ident/Salvinia.JPG
(Salvina molesta) Leaves covered in dense hairs in whorls of three, teh upper two folded and the lower divided and root-like
It can smother large areas of water causing major problems to other plants, aquatic animals and pumps
Shepherds Purse Small rosette when young developing a strong central leader Broadside (POST) ../assets/shepherds%20purse_web.jpg
(Capsella bursa-pastoris) Leaves resemble small heart shaped purses Kamba M (POST)
Flowers are white, 2.5mm and in clusters
Sow Thistle Upright hollow stems that are streaked red/green Broadside (POST) ../assets/Sow%20thistle_web.jpg
(Sonchus olerachus) Irregular shaped leaves with serrate margin Kamba M (POST)
Yellow, daisy like flowers
Summer Grass Spreading habit using stolons Barricade (PRE) ../assets/summer%20grass_web.jpg
(Digitaria sanguinalis) Red/green stems Daconate (POST)
Soft grey/green hairy leaves Dimension (PRE)
Flower spikes attached to main stem at various points DSMA (POST)
Vigerous spring grower Embargo (PRE)
Rifle 440 (PRE)
Passtox (POST)
Ronstar (PRE)
Smackdown (POST)
White Clover Oval to elliptical leaves of variable size Broadside (POST) ../assets/white%20clover_web.jpg
(Trifolium repens) Ball type inflorecence usually white Kamba M (POST)
Deep resilient root system Methar Tri Kombi (POST)
Monument (POST)
Silverado (POST)
Smackdown (POST)
Turf Control (POST)
White Root Lobelia A perennial with very strong stolons and with many white rhizomes ../images/Weed%20ident/White%20root%20lobelia.JPG
(Pratia purpurascens) The rhizomes produce deep tap roots at each node
The leaves are small, narrow, elliptical, toothed and held closely to the stem
The leaves are dark green above and purple coloured beneath
Flowers are very small and tubular on fine axillary stems
Winter Grass Low growing clump forming grass Barricade (PRE) ../assets/wintergrass_web.jpg
(Poa annua) Bright green/lime green leaves Brek (PRE+POST)
Panicle inflorescence Colliseum (POST)
Active growth through cooler months Dimension (PRE)
Tolerates close mowing Embargo (PRE)
Propyzamide (PRE+POST)
Monument (POST)
Rifle 440 (PRE)
Ronstar (PRE)
Smackdown (POST)
Wireweed Annual or biennial Broadside (POST) ../assets/Wireweed_web.jpg
(Polygonum aviculare) Spawling habit with wiry, stuff, hairless stems Kamba M (POST)
White to pink 2mm flowers Methar Tri Kombi (POST)
Strong taproot Turf Control (POST)
Rapid growth in spring to summer